How To Make a Leather Pouch

Leather pouch

There are many craft activities you can do with leather fabrics. You can use leather for upholstery, packaging, creating shoes, bags, cases, book covers, and many other things. One of the easiest crafts you can make with leather fabrics is a pouch or purse. Leather pouches are easy and fun to make. It is a good craft you can enjoy on your own or with your friends. If you have kids, it is also a great creative activity you can introduce to them. You can make leather pouches in different sizes and designs. The simplest pouch is done by folding a piece of leather fabric in half, with edges sewn up and drawstrings hemmed to punched holes. The following tips can help you start making a simple leather pouch.

  1. Choose from cowhide, lambskin, faux and patch types of leather for your pouch. These are several types of leather, which are ideal for pouches, bags, cell phone cases and cell phone holsters because of their texture and durability. If you want something soft, you can go for lambskin. If you want something that lasts longer, go for cowhide.
  2. If you want to style your leather by dyeing it, you can visit sites on the Internet that shows video instructions on how to dye leathers.
  3. Prepare the materials needed depending on the size and design of your pouch. You do not need sophisticated machines in creating your leather pouch. Apart from your leather fabric, you may only need a sewing machine, laminator, zipper, cable cord, fastener, leather glue, Velcro, nails, hammer, etc.
  4. Measure the dimensions of your pouch using a pencil and ruler.
  5. Cut out the shape you desire from the leather.
  6. Punch straight and even holes along the edges for lacing.
  7. Cut a piece of leather for the loop.
  8. Create holes for the loop and hem it to the pouch.  
  9. Stitch the edges. You can do a single running stitch, double running stitch or cross whip stitch. You can search the web for tips and instructions on different stitching styles.
  10. Trim the flap to your desired size.
  11. Sew the zipper or velcro onto the flap. You can also use toggles, thong, buttons, or studs.
  12. You can always add something to your pouch to make it look stylish. Just use items that work well with leather.

While it sounds simple, for first time pouch makers, the steps could be a little confusing. What you can do is browse through the Internet for detailed instructions on making a leather pouch. You can visit craft sites where illustrations are provided so you can easily follow them. Purchasing leather pouch kits will also be very helpful for starters. These kits are designed for craft makers of most ages and include instructions, materials and templates to enable you to create your personalized pouch. Video tutorials are also available on the Net and are probably the easiest to follow. Simply prepare your craft materials, play the video and get ready to make your first hand-made leather pouch.


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