How To Make an LED Ice Ball

Make a Cool Light out of Ice!!

The LED ice bulb is very cheap and simple to make and the result looks absolutely amazing. These instructions are very basic and very simple to follow! All you will need to complete this task is: Balloon, LED, 2 Wires, Battery, Cellotape.

Attach wires to LED with tape and stuff it inside the balloon.

  1. I did this the quick and dirty (and very effective) way by twisting the wires together and taping them. If you have the equipment you may want to solder the wires to the LED.
  2. Stuff the LED inside the balloon but keep the wires on the outside.
  3. Now is a good time to test that the LED actually works. You do not want to find out that it is faulty after it is frozen inside the ice...

Fill the Balloon with water, tie a knot and freeze it.

  1. Blow up the balloon with air first. This will stretch it out so the water will flow easier. If you do not hold the top of the balloon firmly against the water tap it will splash all over the place at the point where the wires are sticking out.
  2. Lay the balloon on a flat surface before proceeding.
  3. Stuff the wires down the balloon till you have the LED at the desired position inside the balloon. It looks best if it is at the center.
  4. Tie a regular knot and drag the wires all the way through the knot.
  5. Freeze the balloon. Be careful of how you place the balloon in the freezer. If you do it the wrong way the LED might freeze in an undesirable position. Try to place it so that the LED is suspended in the center of the balloon.

    I think it looks great when the balloon is not completely clear. This way the light is reflected in unpredictable directions.

Remove the balloon rubber from the frozen sculpture and juice it up.

  1. Pour some hot water over the balloon and the rubber will slide of easily.
  2. To remove the rubber around the knot you simply untie it. If you use a knife to cut it off you risk cutting the wires.

And that is how you make an LED ice ball!


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