How To Make a Left-Slanting Cable

Right-and left-slanted cables are both fairly effortless to make.  The right-slanted is perhaps less uncomplicated for most knitters.  This is because the cable needle is at the posterior of the project being knitted.  This makes it easier because it is secluded from the other stitches.

A left-slanting cable is also known as a cable front.  It is good to know how to construct a left-slanting cable because it will make your patterns unique.  A unique pattern is something we all strive for.  There are a few different ways to make a left-slanting cable.  I am going to walk you through one of the easier methods.

The great revelation is if you know how to make one, you can easily make the other.

  1. To start, work two rows in this design so you can arrange the cable on the third row.  When you get to the third row, you will purl the leading three stitches.  Remember to take your time.
  2. In order to form the cable, stitches must be twined.  Alternating the lineup that the stitches are knitted in completes this step.  Glide the next three three stitches onto a cable needle just like you would if you were purling them.  Transport the cable needle before the other two working needles.  Next you will knit the following three stitches that are coming from your left-handed needle.  It is not as difficult as it sounds, I promise!
  3. All you have to do now is knit the three stitches coming out of the cable needle onto your right-hand needle, and the cable is nearly finished.  That's right, you are almost finished!
  4. Make sure you do not twine the stitches as you finesse the cable needle.  Don't force the pattern too firmly.  It is best to work the pattern slowly.
  5. To bring the row to a conclusion, you need to purl the ending three stitches.  Yes I said conclusion.  You are almost to the finish line!
  6. Keep pursuing in this style, maneuvering the cable on every fourth row.  You must continue to do this until the cable gets to your desired length.

Great work on completing your first left-slanted cable!  Don't be in the dumps if it didn't turn out perfectly.  Keep repeating the procedure, and you will be a professional in no time.

You can make little swatches with the left-slanted cable that are great for decoration and fashion assembly.  I hope you enjoy knitting new projects with this great design!


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