How To Make a Lizard Wire Sculpture

Sculpting is one of the oldest forms of art. This has been done all throughout the Greek and Roman civilizations and has been a mainstay as a form of adornment and decoration through the centuries. There have been many takes on this art form over the ages. Some have used sculpture as massive monuments that served as tributes to once great gods. Meanwhile, smaller versions have also been used as wall decor in temples and places of government.

A sculpture can also be a great decoration inside the house. While there are many options to choose from, the lizard design has been one of the more popular items that has been sold in art galleries. The lizard is seen as something very sacred in a lot of cultures and its presence in a house is considered to be a lucky charm. It is one of the few animals that can regenerate and grow back the body parts that it has lost.

While you can always buy sculpture from galleries, having a piece that you made yourself brings a certain charm that a bought piece would not be able to bring. Why not use your arts and crafts skills to truly create a personal touch to how you want your living room table to look? Aside from it being a unique piece, it can also be a great conversation subject when you have friends over.

Here's how you make a lizard wire sculpture for your home decor.

  • Purchase wire from your friendly crafts store or hardware store. Make sure that the wire is easily pliable. Try getting a new pair of pliers that could also work as your wire cutter. The best for this purpose are the ones with the rounded nose so that it could also double as a styling tool. You may also want to buy spray paint or any finishing material that could give your sculpture a glossy finish.
  • Search for pictures that can serve as an inspiration for the art piece. If you are good with sketching, you can also do preliminary drawings of what your lizard can look like. For best results, go for figures that show the lizard in full movement. If possible, go for a shape that is close to an S figure to really show the contour of the animal's body.
  • Start building your lizard. The trick is to make a voluptuous cylinder by shaping a good frame. Make sure that the measurements between each wire are symmetrical and equal. Bisect the horizontal wires with perpendicular wires. This will stabilize the structure. Use the tip of the pliers to create curves and tapering at the ends of the sculpture.
  • Add the legs. You can wind up the wire to form the legs and toes of the lizard. Pay attention to the measurement of the legs. They should be more or less equal so that the lizard can lay flat on any table.
  • Apply finishing touches. Paint the finished sculpture and add embellishments, if any.

And there you have it! It's definitely one good interior design idea. You can either have your lizard stand on its own, or you can add a stand, hang it on a wall or the ceiling.


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