How To Make a Love Potion

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Being in love is probably one of the nicest feelings. What makes it extra special is if the person you are in love with feels the same way towards you.

There are times when the person you are in love with does not reciprocate the feeling. If you really like the person, you may think of ways to get that person’s attention and make him/her fall in love with you. You may go out of your way to please that person by giving gifts and doing thoughtful things. These ideas may work but what if it doesn’t?

It is believed that in the era of witches and witchcraft, lovers were bewitched. The witches waved their wands and cast spells on their resistant lovers. These witches were known to have used love elixir. It is also called a love potion.

Love potions are sweet and intoxicating substances. It may give sensual and erotic feelings when drunk. Love potions are believed to have the power to make a person fall in love with whomever gave it to them. It needs to be drunk at the right time with the right chant to make the power work. Interesting, huh?

Here are the steps on how to make a love potion:

Brew the love potion at the right time. The right timing is important and crucial when making the love potion. Otherwise, its power may not work correctly. The perfect timing should be at the time when the moon is waxing, and this is between before midnight and early dawn.

Prepare the white candle. Your name should be carved together with the person’s name you wish to give the love potion to on a white pillar candle. Light the candle and place it on top of a table. After this, you need to light two votive candles and set both on either side of the white pillar candle.

Prepare the tea. You need the following ingredients for the tea: two fresh leaves of mint, two fresh leaves of lemon, two teaspoons of loose-leaf black tea, 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg, thyme, rosemary and cinnamon, one teaspoon of sugar or honey, and two cups of plain water. Gather all ingredients and brew them in a teakettle. Before the tea boils, pour it in a mug. Let it cool.

Chant the magic words. While you are letting the tea cool down, chant these magic words: “By the light of this waxing moon, I create this tea to make (say the name of the person) fall in love with me.”

Contemplate on the person. Ponder on the person while you are letting the candles burn for a while.

Serve the love potion to the person. Give the brewed love potion to the person. Let him/her drink it.

We can do just about anything when we are in love. Making a love potion is just one of the crazy things we can do to make a person fall in love with us. There are lot of other things that we can try, and being in love makes it all worth our while.


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