How To Make a Lucha Libre Mask

Wrestler with face mask

In the popular sport of lucha libre (free wrestling), lucha libra masks are part of the costume, hiding the wearer's identity. If you or someone in your family is a wrestling fan or if you loved the Nacho Libre movie, you can easily make your own lucha libre mask. These can make great Halloween costumes, or you can have the kids wear them while you host your own home wrestling event. You can even make several for a kids' wrestling-themed party, enough for each guest.

First gather the necessary materials, including stretchy fabric (such as a t-shirt made from Spandex), thread, puff paint, scissors, and a fabric measuring tape. Once you have the materials handy, measure around the head, add 2 inches, and then divide this sum in half. So, for example, if your head measures 18 inches, your final number will be 10 inches.

Next, cut two pieces of fabric. Each should be 18 inches long, with the width being your number from the previous steps. Trim these pieces so that they are flat on the bottom and sides, but rounded on the top. Sew the pieces together with a quarter inch inseam, across the top and sides. You'll leave the flat bottom part open, but hem the bottom edge.

Your next step is to cut three holes on the front side of the mask, in the right location to make two eyes and a mouth opening. To keep the edges from fraying you'll want to hem each hole, although you can probably skip this step if you're making them for one use such as a Halloween costume or party favor.

Finally, use your paint to decorate the mask. Although traditional masks usually have most of the decorations around the mouth and eye areas, leaving the rest plain, you can follow your own decorating ideas here. Make them colorful and interesting, because that's half the fun of a lucha libre mask.

If you are making these for a party, you can either decorate each one differently for each child or, depending on the age of the guests and how much time you have, you can let each child decorate his own. If you choose the latter option, be sure to have enough decorating supplies for everyone and allow enough time for drying. A good suggestion for that would be to have the guests decorate the masks upon arrival, set them aside to dry during your other activities, then break out the finished masks toward the end of the party.


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