How To Make a Lucky Rabbit's Foot

A rabbit's foot is believed to be lucky. In some cultures, people carry the rabbit’s foot as an amulet. This is popular in Europe, China, Africa, North America and South America. Believed to have existed in the Europe since 600 B.C., the Celtic people from Britain are the ones who were faithful to this superstition.

People who believe this superstition choose the rabbit that they get the foot from. There are certain factors that they consider in choosing the foot donor. The rabbit’s left hind foot is the one that is used in making a lucky rabbit’s foot. The rabbit must have been shot or caught in a cemetery. The phase of the moon at the time that the rabbit was caught is also important, though it is not clear whether the capture should be during full moon or new moon. Some believers even say that the rabbit should be caught on a rainy Friday or Friday the 13th. Others also say that the rabbit should be shot with a silver bullet, but the foot should be caught while the rabbit is still alive.

If you are one of these people who believe that the foot of the rabbit is lucky, here are the steps on how you can make a lucky rabbit’s foot:

Gather all materials needed. These are the things that you need in making your own lucky rabbit’s foot: a rabbit, water, borax, short-beaded chain with clasp, a sharp thin knife, a needle and a twine.

Get the rabbit’s foot. Cut the left hind of the rabbit using the sharp knife.

Put a hole in the rabbit’s foot. On one end of the rabbit’s foot, pierce a hole. You can use the sharp knife to do this.

Prepare the soaking mixture. Dilute the borax with water. Mix them together. This will serve as your soaking mixture for the rabbit’s foot.

Soak the rabbit’s foot. After you are done mixing the solution, soak the rabbit’s foot in the mixture. Let it sit for a while.

Use the twine for sewing. The twine is used for sewing the wound on the rabbit’s foot. This procedure is done when the foot is already dry.

Put the short-beaded chain in place. Make sure that the hole you created on the rabbit’s foot is big enough to make the short-beaded chain go through. Lock the clasp afterwards.

Give the rabbit’s foot as a gift. It is believed that a rabbit’s foot may only be lucky if you give it to a friend as a gift. You can also give the rabbit’s foot to someone who needs good luck. People who believe this superstition say that the lucky rabbit’s foot does not work for the person who made it.

There are a lot of lucky charms. The rabbit’s foot is just one of these lucky charms. Of course, there is no actual proof that can support the superstitions. But it doesn’t hurt to believe that we may have something we can hold on to in times of bad luck.


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