How To Make a Luxury Bed

It is such a nice feeling when you get to lie down on a luxury bed, especially at night when you are tired from work. This may give you the feeling that you are enjoying the luxury of a five-star hotel bed right in the comfort of your home.

You may make your own version of a five-star luxury hotel bed if you want to. Making a bed as luxurious as this may be really expensive, but it is really worth your money.

Here are the steps on how to make a luxury bed:

Start with a high-quality firm mattress. Get the best firm mattress you can find in the market. You may still use your existing mattress, but if you are opting for the best, then get yourself a new one.

Get a feather bed. You need this very soft down material for more comfort. This should be put on top of the high-quality firm mattress.

Get a quality mattress pad. The mattress pad is used to protect the bed from any obstruction like dust, spills and the like. Some mattresses consist of down that adds more to its softness.

Get the proper sheets. You need a fitted sheet and two flat sheets. Choose the sheets with high-quality for your luxurious bed. The more expensive the sheets are, the softer the fabric.

Get a blanket. Choose the best quality blanket. A Down blanket is recommended. This type of blanket may prove to be soft and cushy but very light in weight.

Get a duvet. You need the duvet to serve as your comforter. The duvet is the soft flat bag that encloses quilts or poly inserts. You need to put this as the top layer of your luxurious bed.

Get pillows. Choose big soft pillows. Choose high-quality pillows to match the other high-quality materials of your luxurious five-star hotel bed.

Get pillow protectors. Pillow protectors are needed to keep your high-quality pillows clean. Make sure that your pillow protectors match the design of the bed linen.

Get bolster pillows. To add more beauty to your luxurious five-star hotel bed design, add the long round pillow called bolster pillows.

Get a bed skirt. Bed skirts are added to make the bed look more beautiful and comfortable. These are also used to cover stuff stored under the bed.

Assemble your luxury bed. The feather bed should go at the center of the mattress. Next, you need to cover the feather bed and the mattress with the mattress pad. After the mattress pad, you need to put the fitted sheet and the top sheet. The down blanket should be placed next. The folded layers should be properly tucked at the side to make it look very neat. The fitted sheet should be revealed after tucking. The duvet cover should be placed next. Put the pillows on the bed, propped. Lastly, place the bolster pillows in between the two front pillows.

These are the fancy steps that you may take to make yourself your own luxury bed. After following these steps, all you have to do is lie down and enjoy the comfortable feeling your bed is going to give you.


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