How To Make a Memory Board

A memory board contains a collection of memorabilia items. Similar to the concept of a scrapbook, a memory board may give you the pleasure of going down memory lane. The only difference is that memory boards are found on walls.

If you are tired of making the same old scrapbooks that you have, you may consider making yourself a memory board. It is very easy to make a memory board. You will need the following materials for your project:

  • art canvas or plywood
  • scissors
  • ribbons
  • staple gun
  • fabric with the pattern of your own choice
  • glue or other adhesives
  • decorating materials and embellishments with the designs of your own choice
  • colorful pens or markers

If you already have the materials you need, just follow these simple instructions and you will have your own memory board in no time!

Here are the steps on how to make a memory board:

Choose a theme for your memory board. Having a theme for the design of the memory board may help you decide why you are going to make one. Know the purpose of the memory board. This may also help you decide which materials you want to use.

Go through your memorabilia. Check your kept mementos and choose which items you are going to use for the memory board. Consider your chosen theme when choosing the items.

Prepare the fabric for the memory board. Make sure that the fabric that you are going to use is clean. If the fabric is wrinkly, you may iron it.

Attach the fabric to the canvas or the plywood. Center the fabric on the backside of the canvas or the plywood. Wrap the fabric around each edge of the canvas or plywood. Cut or fold the excess of the fabric before stapling. Staple the fabric on the wood. Make sure that the fabric is stretched tight and securely stapled to all edges.

Put the ribbon on the memory board. After stapling the fabric to the canvas or plywood, you may now proceed with attaching the ribbon to the memory board. Turn the canvas or plywood back over. Place the ribbon on the memory board. Make a pattern for the ribbon if you like. Secure the ends of the ribbon on the edges of the memory board. You may use the glue or you may also use the staple gun.

Paste the mementos on the memory board. Attach the chosen mementos on the memory board using the glue or whichever adhesive material you have. How you are going to paste the items may depend on how classy or funky you want memory board to look like.

Put captions for the mementos on the memory board. You may put captions under each memento on the memory board. Dates, names or events are just some of the captions you may want to put. Thought bubbles are optional too.

Design your memory board. After you have pasted the mementos on the memory board, you may now start decorating it. Be as creative and artsy as you can. Use your gathered art materials.

Hang your memory board. Lastly, find a place where you may hang and admire your memory board.

Making one may allow you to show your artistic side. Also, this is one good way to make a profit. Share your talent and show off your craftsmanship.


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