How To Make a Mini Solar Car

Mini solar powered car

A mini solar car is a tiny car that has a motor working when under the sunlight or bright artificial light. It is moderately easy to assemble a mini solar car of your own.

Here are the steps on how to make a mini solar car:

  1. Assemble the wheels. Get 4 identical caps of bottled water, pop caps or film canister caps. Drill a hole in the center each cap. Make sure it is big enough to pass a wire through the holes.
  2. Assemble the pulley. Get another cap identical to what you used for the wheels. Get your scissors then cut the part of the cap which screws onto the bottle. You only need the top flat part of the cap. The inner wall of the top flat part of the cap will serve as the pulley for the mini solar car you are building. Put a hole in the center of the top flat part of the cap also.
  3. Assemble the driving wheel. Get a holed cap and glue it together with the pulley. Make sure that the holes are aligned. Also make sure that the higher part of the pulley is on the outside to create a groove in the middle. The open part of the cap should be facing outside.
  4. Assemble the Axle. Cut two pieces of a straight wire. The deal length is about 4 ½ inches long. Then cut four pieces of straw with the length of 1 inch each. Next, slide two pieces of straw into each of the two wires. Put the driving wheel on one end of a piece of wire. The other caps should be placed on the ends of the wires with the open parts facing outside. Glue the caps one by one to secure them to the wires.
  5. Assemble the base or the chassis. Each axle should be placed about ½ inch from each end of a thin wood board. A cardboard may also be used instead of a wood board. Hold the axle in place with a tape while adjusting its position. Once the axle is in place, tape the part of the straw to the thin wood board.
  6. Assemble the motor. Place the motor on the wood board close to the driving wheel. The position of the motor should be in a way that will keep an elastic band stretched from the driving wheel to the motor and straight to the pulley. Next, you need to get two small pieces of wood or card board. Glue each piece on each side of the motor. When the glue is dry, secure the motor in place with a tape going across it. This should anchor the motor to the chassis.
  7. Assemble the solar cells. Connect the solar cells together using a thin strip of metal connectors or a piece of small wire. Make sure that the cells are on negative polarities. Tape the back of the cell together to secure them.
  8. Connect the solar cells to the motor. Get small wires and connect the solar cells to the motor. To make the motor do a reverse, just switch the connection around. Lastly, you need to connect the elastic band to the driving wheel and the motor.

If you think the steps are complicated, it is better if you let someone assist you. When you are done assembling your mini solar car, enjoy it with your friend and show the people your creation.


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