How To Make a Mini Train Village

Kids of all ages like to play with trains. Even adults play with trains. Some collect them and use them for displays.

When you buy trains nowadays, the packages usually include parts that you may use in building a scene. Some may only have boards painted with scenery to serve as a background when displaying the train. Some have actual toy parts that you may stand together with the train.

If you are creative enough, you may actually build your own scene for your train display. Some good scenes are city scenes, mountain scenes, and village scenes.

Let us try to work on the village scene. You will need the following items to create such scene:

  • card board
  • scissors or cutter
  • modeling clay
  • craft paint in various colors
  • twigs
  • glue

Once you have gathered all of these items, you may now work on your very own village scene for your train display.

Here are the steps on how to make a mini train village:

  1. Make a pattern. You may create a pattern by drawing a template of houses with walls and roofs. Get a cardboard and trace each side of the houses and roofs on it.
  2. Cut the pattern. Get a cutter or scissors. Once you are done tracing the template on the cardboard, cut around the drawing. Trim the sides of the cut drawing.
  3. Put windows and doors on the drawing. Cut openings on the drawing of the house. Place them where the openings will look like windows and doors or passages.
  4. Put additional details on the drawing. Use the excess on the cardboard to make the small details that may help accentuate the house.
  5. Paint your drawing. Paint the walls, roof and all the other details of the house. Play with the colors and make the parts of the house come alive.
  6. Assemble the house. After the paint has dried, you may now assemble the house. Glue the house together. Put the parts in their proper places.
  7. Assemble the trees. Get twigs from your garden. Get some clay and press the twigs in it. The clay will serve as the base for balance. Let the clay dry for a while. After it has dried, you may paint it with the same color as the twigs.
  8. Add other special details. You may want to think of a nice season as a theme for the village. For example, you may sprinkle silvery white glitters on the roof of the houses, the trees and the ground. The glitters may represent the snow.
  9. Assemble the mini train village. When you are done with the details of the village, erect all parts around the train.

There are a lot more details that you may add for the mini train village. These are just the basics. Let your imagination run wild. Think of other themes that you may create as your scene for your train display.


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