How To Make a Miniature Collection Shadow Box

A shadow box is a display case where you can feature your favorite mementos or miniature collections. It is essentially a deep picture frame. Whether displayed on the mantle top or mounted on the wall, a shadow box is a great way to show your favorite miniature objects like teacups, thimbles, little porcelain animals or small items made of glass. If you have a collection of miniature objects, keep them in a shadow box for you and other to enjoy.

Below are the steps in making your own shadow box:

  • Select the shadow box. You can actually use a wooden cutlery tray as your shadow box. Or, you can buy a miniature display case shadow box frame online or from retail stores that sell pictures frames and display cases. Choose a size that can fit the items you want to showcase. Many designs are available and they are made from a variety of wood choices.
  • Choose the items in your miniature collection that you want displayed. To make your shadow box truly special, only choose specific items from your miniature collection that you want to feature. Your shadow box should not look cluttered with too many items. If you have more than one miniature collection, make several shadow boxes.
  • Cover the back panel of the shadow box. When you buy a miniature shadow box display case, some are covered with velvet. You simply need to choose the color of the fabric. But you can put your own stamp on the display case by covering the back with a different fabric, by painting it, attaching beautiful paper or adding other embellishments. When using fabric or paper, cut them to size. Make sure the edges are clean and straight. Use glue or double adhesive tape to permanently secure the new cover for the back panel. When covering the back panel, you may want to use sticker paper that comes in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Fill the miniature shadow box. Start putting in your miniatures into the different areas of the shadow box. Lay them out in a creative manner. Move the miniatures around until you are happy with how the shadow box looks.
  • Secure the miniatures. To make sure that the miniatures stay in place, glue them one by one with Elmer’s glue or glass glue. You can also use your hot glue gun to secure the items.
  • Add embellishments. Depending on the theme of your miniatures or if there is still space, you can add various decorative items and embellishments like tiny silk flowers, little butterflies, beads, or colored stones to the display. Embellishments are supposed to enhance the display and not overshadow the actual items in the collection.

You can buy a premade miniature shadow box frame or create one from scratch. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, with a few pieces of wood, a hammer and wood glue, you can make your own display case for your miniatures. You can also use wooden cutlery trays because these have built-in separators.

A shadow box is a fantastic way to showcase your special miniature collections. You can mount the shadow box on the wall or display it on the shelf. The display can be as simple as just lining up the miniatures in the different levels of the box. Or you can add embellishments and other design elements within the box. Don’t keep you miniature collections hidden. Share them with others by displaying them in a special shadow box.


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