How To Make a Model Car from Junk

Making model cars doesn’t always have to be an expensive hobby, nor do these toys always have to be made of costly materials. Anyone could make a model car out of ordinary household items, even out of the garbage and refuse that you throw away everyday. Making these miniature vehicles out of scrap and junk would not only serve as a hobby, but it also helps with the environment.

What you need:

  • Scissors, box cutter
  • Pliers
  • Craft glue
  • Paint and painting materials
  • Soap, detergent, sponge
  • Assorted trash that could be used for model car parts
  1. Find trash items for parts. Search through your refuse for anything that could be used for model car parts. Rummage through your garbage bin, search along the sidewalks, or take note of certain trash items that could be used before you throw away. The parts that you should seek should be the following: a rectangular-shaped piece that could be used as the main body of the car, four round items that could be used for wheels, and other items that could serve as other miscellaneous details for the car. Such examples would include a milk carton, plastic bottle caps, and paper clips.
  2. Prepare your trash items. Clean the items you have collected using detergent, a sponge or cloth, and water. Dry the items thoroughly afterward. Just be careful when cleaning some items, as washing them might damage their structure. Then, use scissors and pliers to reshape some pieces for your model car parts.
  3. Start building the main body. You start with the biggest piece first, the main body of the car, by placing it on its side. From this point, there are many ways to make that trash piece to resemble a car. If you plan to make a convertible, you could cut the top part of the piece with scissors or a box cutter and leave a bit of it to serve as the front windshield. Or, you could glue a smaller piece on the top of the main piece to serve as the upper part of the car. Either way, you can continue to reshape some parts of the pieces with the scissors of pliers if need be.
  4. Add the wheels. Attach the wheels by gluing them in place. Alternatively, you can punch or drill holes at the bottom, and insert a stick or rod to serve as an axle. You can then attach the wheels to all four ends. It is recommended that all four wheels are about the same size.
  5. Add the miscellaneous items. Attach anything else that could add detail to the model car, such as bumpers, windshields, and side mirrors. Use scissors or the pliers to reshape them if needed, and use glue to attach them.
  6. Decorate and display. Add decorations as necessary. Use paintbrushes or spray paint to add color and maybe add other miscellaneous items for extra decor. Afterwards, you could display your work of art.

This goes to show that the trash and garbage that we throw away are not necessarily useless, as they could be used to make something new and useful. Recycling can help save the world, and also make our lives better through art and hobbies.


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