How To Make a Monogram Kitchen Towel

Bags, bathrobes, bedding, wallets, pens, handkerchief, socks, and even coasters have monograms. Monograms mirror your identity and personality as unique and special. For any home, monogram kitchen towels add class and style to the kitchen. These make ideal gifts for the homemaker and new bride as well!

Instead of having this made outside, why not try and do this yourself and channel your inner Martha Stewart talent into a satisfying gem of a home project?

  1. Determine the occasion. Will you be making it for the holidays, Labor Day, Easter, or Halloween? Will you be giving it as a gift for someone’s birthday, wedding, or anniversary?
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If this is your first time to make a monogram kitchen towel and you’re unsure about how it should look, purchase a couple of new ones from a store. Make sure you buy simple designs if this is your first time so you won’t get intimidated and abandon the project altogether.
  3. Pick your design. By design, it means the font type and color that you want. Once you’ve chosen the font type, increase the size to your choosing and print it out. Cut or trace the letters out on wax paper using a pen or pencil.
  4. Pick your color for the towels. Pastel colors are tops.
  5. Choose the fabric. Cotton towels are ideal for embroidering. Nondescript towels as opposed to designer towels are better for this purpose. You don’t want your monogram to compete with a designer’s name for attention, right?
  6. Make sure you have everything you need. This includes embroidery thread, a sewing machine, needle if you’re doing this by hand, iron, an ironing board, and a pen or pencil.
  7. Remove the towels from its wrapping and prepare the towels for embroidering by removing lint and ironing it to smooth out wrinkles. Make sure the embroidering spot is opposite the manufacturer’s label or tag of the towels.
  8. With proper lighting as your background, you may begin to iron or sew the pattern on your wax paper onto the towels for embroidering. Get the pattern firmly into the towels.
  9. Run the towel through a sewing machine or use needle and thread to sew in your monogram.
  10. When you’re done, slowly remove or tear off the wax paper from the embroidered design.
  11. Seal the knots at the back of your embroidery with clear nail polish. Let the nail polish dry completely.
  12. Iron the finished kitchen towels and fold. Make sure your monogram shows clearly after folding.

Voila, simple, fast, and so easy to do! Now, you’re all set to hang it for use in your kitchen or give it away as gifts!

Making your own monogram kitchen towel is just the beginning. Once you’ve mastered making this small project, you can move on to bigger projects using different fabrics. Who can blame you? Monogramming is fun, affordable, flexible, non-time consuming, and allows you to make a personal statement that’s all YOU!


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