How To Make a Mouse Trap Catapult

If you have some mouse traps lying around the house, you can easily make yourself a small catapult that you can have fun with. Making a small catapult is not that hard. All you need are a few materials and you are good to go. Follow the instructions that are provided below so that you can start making your mouse trap catapult.

Follow these steps to make your own mouse trap catapult:

  • Materials. The materials that you need for this project are the mousetrap, a spoon, popsicle sticks, 2 erasers, duct tape and some rubber bands. You will also need an object to catapult. You can prepare small pieces of balled paper for this.
  • Prepare the mouse trap. First prepare the mouse trap. You will not need all the mechanisms of the mouse trap. The only parts that you need are the platform, hammer and the spring of the catapult. Remove all the other parts that you do not need. Pull back the hammer mechanism so that the mousetrap is ready to spring.
  • Make the catapult mechanism. Get a rubber band and secure it on the hammer and the platform. The rubber band should hold it in place. Locate where the spring of the mouse trap is. Get the 2 erasers that you have and place them and place one on top of the other. Set the erasers near the spring and use duct tape to secure the erasers in place.
  • Test the mechanism. Test the first half of the catapult to see if it works. Release the rubber band and the hammer of the mouse trap should swing up. The erasers should stop the hammer from going further.
  • Make the second part of the catapult. When the first half operates smoothly, you can continue making the catapult. Get one popsicle stick and attach it to the hammer horizontally. Secure it in place with duct tape. Get another popsicle stick and attach it vertically at the middle of the hammer. The 2 sticks should form a cross. Secure it with more duct tape. Tape the spoon by the handle to the second popsicle stick that you attached. Use plenty of duct tape since the spoon is heavy.
  • Test your mouse trap catapult. Now you have a mouse trap catapult. Test the mechanism to see if it works properly. Place a bean or a piece of balled paper on the spoon. Remove the rubber band and watch as the hammer swings and catapults your object across the room.

Now you have a mouse trap catapult. Use the catapult in wide open spaces where there will be no vases or other breakable materials. You can use the catapult when playing with your kids. Learn to make new things out of the old stuff that you no longer use at home. If you are going to use the catapult with your kids, make sure that you all wear protective goggles to avoid accidents. Do not aim the catapult towards people or animals and do not use small rocks or pebbles on your catapult.


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