How To Make a Muppet-Style Mouth-Opening Puppet

Whether centered on giving your kids another toy option or creating a teaching tool in a daycare or any learning institution, making a Muppet-style mouth-opening puppet is a bit challenging. Yet, it is enjoyable to do, especially if your motivation is to see the kids happy with the Muppet. To help you, here’s an instructional article on making a Muppet. Read on.

  • Prepare your materials. This project will be a lot safer to complete since you don’t have to deal with complicated materials and procedures (e.g chemical glues and sanding). For this project, you need felt of different colors (black, red, white and brown), fur, extra fabric of your choice, a cardboard, and sewing machine. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you’ll do well if you have excellent hand-sewing skills.
  • Make the mouth. Get one strip of black felt and fold it into two to make the Muppet's mouth. Then, round the ends of the black felt. For the tongue, attach a small piece of red felt to the center of the bottom mouth. Then, cut one strip from another cloth, following the dimensions of the mouth. You will have two sew these cloths to the mouth parts, leaving the inside ends of both mouth parts open to form pockets. Next, insert cardboard in the pockets. Then, slip your hands in the pockets and try to move the mouth.
  • Form the head and neck of the Muppet. From the same brown felt, cut a sheet that will fit as the Muppet’s head and neck. Cut this into two so that one part will be the head and one part will be the neck. Attach the head part to the top part of the mouth and the neck part to the mouth’s bottom part. Be very sure that the head and the neck are large enough for your or the kids’ hands. When they are already attached, sew the edges of the head and neck together.
  • Attach the facial parts. Cut two white round felt pieces for the eyes. Then cut smaller circles from the remaining black felt to make the Muppet’s pupils. Sew the pupils onto the white round felts. Next, attach the eyes to the face of the Muppet. Now, proceed to the nose. Sew a triangle-shaped brown felt to the center of the face, leaving one end open. Stuff the nose with strips of cloth to make it somewhat protruded; then, stitch it close. For the ears, simply cut four half-round pieces of brown felt. Sew two pieces together, with one end open. Then turn the ear inside out so that the seams are unexposed. Do the same thing to the other two half-circles. Then, sew the ears to both sides of the head.
  • Add hair. Although you can leave it bald, a Muppet will look much better with hair. Fur is one good material for the hair. Make sure to comb the fur well before sewing it onto the top part of your Muppet’s head.

Finally, fit a small-size shirt in your Muppet. And when everything is in place, check that the Muppet works perfectly. You should be able to move its mouth with ease.


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