How To Make a Native American Flute

We all know that Native Americans are very mystical and very spiritual with all their chants and dances. Using their music, like their flutes, Native Americans connect to nature and their spirits. Now if you want to be one with nature and the spirits, you can try copying Native American music. The following steps will show you how to make a Native American flute and bring you closer to being one with nature:

  • Materials. What materials are you going to use to make your Native American flute? You can use wood or plastic for your flute. If you do use wood, try to make sure you use a dry and relatively straight Cedar wood because it will give your flute a one of a kind sound. As for your tools, you will need wood glue, a rotary tool and a table saw to make your flute.
  • Start making the flute. Your first step should be you making the flute first, without its holes yet. Using your table saw, make a clean and straight lengthwise slice on your wood dividing it into two. This will make it easier to glue them back together. Next, using the rotary tool, create two parts or chambers in each half while leaving a little less than half an inch think divider in between both chambers. Make sure the chambers of each half are in the same position and of the same depth. The chamber near the mouthpiece should be completely enclosed while the other should open out to the end of the flute. That’s what it should look like
  • Air-hole. The next part is to make air hole. Use the rotary tool to make deep indentations on top of the flute over the divider. The air that passes here will go through one chamber to the next via the totem (which will be mentioned later). The air that passes through here creates the sound of the flute.
  • Glue them together. Glue both halves of the flute together and leave them to dry overnight.
  • Mouthpiece. Create a 1/4inch round or flattened mouth piece by using a drill. Shape it and smoothen it so you can blow on the flute comfortably.
  • Create the totem. A totem is the device you put on top of the air hole and can be in the form of any animal you want. Make sure it has a flat surface that completely covers the hole. Attach the totem on top of the air hole by wrapping a leather strap around the totem and flute and tightening it to hold it in place. Adjust the totem’s position until you hear a sound while you blow.
  • Tuning holes. First, create six holes (six holes is the norm) on the sound chamber using a small diameter drill. Blow into the flute to check the pitch of each hole. After checking the pitch, make the necessary size adjustments to each hole until the pitch is correct.
  • Final touches. Just smoothen out the flute using sandpaper. Then you can add an oil coat to the flute.
  • Practice makes perfect. If you are unable to make a flute or a good flute, just remember you will not be able to get it on the first try. Just keep practicing and sooner or later you will be able to make a great Native American flute.

After following these steps, you would have already made your own Native American flute. Now, you can start making some Native American music and help you and everyone around you become one with nature and each other.


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