How To Make a One Balloon Hat

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Balloons are usually used to cheer people up. You see a lot of these during birthday parties and other events. For children’s parties where clowns or magicians are an attraction, one of the basic forms of fun that they engage in is creating balloon shapes. One of the basics is a balloon hat. And the simplest form of balloon hat is creating one using just one balloon.

It is also known to be the basic hat because if you are crafty with the balloons, you may add more balloons to make it bigger and more complicated. But before we go that complicated stuff, here’s how you do the basic one balloon hat.

  1. You would need a fully inflated long balloon. These are the ones that are used for twisting and turning. Use one that is just thick enough for your hand to grab and your thumb and at least your middle finger meet.
  2. Make a small bubble on one end of the balloon. At about one to two inches from the end of the balloon, twist it to form a small ball.
  3. With the remaining parts of the balloon, measure the head of the person who is going to wear it as a hat. Wrap the balloon around the head from the end of the small balloon you created with firm, but not tight, fit. Hold the part of the long balloon that would meet with the twist that made the small bubble in the fitting that you made. Twist that part together with the twist in the small bubble to secure it. You would now have a circle where the head would go and the small bubble and the excess of the balloon. Make sure to twist the excess and the small bubble to secure it.
  4. You may keep the excess of the small balloon standing up as design if the head is big for the length of your balloon, which makes the excess too short for this next step. Have the excess extend to the other side of the circle, making its diameter. Make another small bubble at the end of the balloon.
  5. Twist this new small bubble into the other side of the circle to fasten it. It may look like an oblong right now, but when you fit it into the head it would fit perfectly as a one-balloon hat.

This makes the one balloon hat. This is also called the basic helmet. If you had fun doing this, you may want to explore more alternatives and options in creating balloon hats and not just stick to one form. You can add another long balloon, and twist and turn it into various shapes. You can make a top hat, a cap, a tricorne hat, and other types of hats, if you keep on adding more balloons.

You can never tell what you can come up with in balloon twisting after you have learned one of the simplest forms. Just use your imagination and creativity.


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