How To Make a Painting Canvas

Art materials are expensive and the best art materials are really expensive. If given the choice, you would probably spend more on paints and paint brushes instead of the canvas, even though you need it just as much as the others. Well, given the fact that it is harder to make your own paints, learning to make your own painting canvas should be a big help to you immensely. Save money and time while truly making something of your own. Here is how to make a painting canvas:

  • Preparing your materials. Assembling your materials ahead of time is important, so that you can work more efficiently and finish faster. For simpler jobs, all you need are pieces of plywood, a saw, a spray adhesive, a staple gun, sandpaper, a hammer and some nails, a saw, and the material you want to paint on. For more advanced canvas projects, you will need white bed sheets, some gesso and something to apply it on the canvas material, a heat gun, an iron and some clamps.
  • Simple version. For a simpler job, first you will need to cut your plywood into the right size. Decide on how large or small you want your canvas to be before you start making all the pieces. Cut out trim panels as well if you want to add them to your frame (they make your canvas look more professional and also make it easier to hang). Nail them together into the shape of your frame. Target the corners and places where the pieces of plywood meet. Make sure that you know how to properly use a hammer.
    Once you have your frame, take your sandpaper and go over the entire surface completely, getting rid of all the rough spots. Apply your spray adhesive on the front and sides of the frame, making sure you cover the entire surface area. You will now take your canvas material and cover the front of the frame. Make sure that it is taut as possible. You might need the help of a friend for this part. Keeping your canvas material taut, stretch it out to the back of the frame and staple it down with the gun. If it is not done correctly, you will have a sagging canvas, unfit for painting.
  • More complex method. You can make a more professional-looking painting canvas by substituting some materials and go through more steps to finish the project. You will use a bed sheet for your canvas material. Make sure to iron it before hand so that is dry and flat. Next, you have to apply gesso to prime it for painting. When it is finally dry (you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process), then you can attach it to your frame using the same pull-back/staple technique.

Making your own painting canvas is as simple and easy or complicated and difficult as you want it to be. Just go with what the job calls for. You can save a lot of money if you learn how to do this.


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