How To Make a Pair of Slippers

Red slippers

Slippers are a great way to keep your feet warm when walking on the cool floor during the cooler months. It is also a way to keep your feet dry after walking into a bathroom where someone has gotten the floor all wet after their shower. A lot of stores are highly overpriced when it comes to slippers. After all, all slippers are made out of is basically fabric. Why not make your own slippers that will both keep your feet warm and give uniqueness, as no one else will have the same design as you.  It is also a great way to save money.

You don't have to be extremely talented to make your own slippers. Slippers are extremely easy to make, as they only consist of fabric. You can use different types of fabric like cotton, flannel, fleece or any other material that might feel good on your feet.  

  1. The first thing you need to do when making your own slippers is cut the outline that matches your foot size.
  2. After you have picked out a fabric, stand on a piece of cardboard and mark the cardboard with four marks; one above your biggest toe, one on the each side of your foot where the widest point is, and one right where the heel starts. Connect the four points to make an oval shape on the cardboard.
  3. You should add about a half of an inch around the oval to make sure the slipper is big enough.
  4. After you create your outline, cut out the pattern and trace it on another piece of cardboard. This second piece will be for your other foot. 
  5. After that, lay the fabric down and attach both patterns with pins so you can easily trace around it.
  6. You should be sure that you cut out two sets of each pattern so you have a total of four cut fabrics.
  7. Lay the fabric down and place the piece of cardboard in the middle to create a sandwich.
  8. Sew the two pieces together for each foot so the cardboard stays in the middle. This will provide cushion for your feet.
  9. Next, cut out two long pieces for the ankle part of your slipper. You can make this part as thick or as thin as you would like depending on how high you want the slipper to go.
  10. Sew the fabric that was just recently cut to the sole of the slipper.

You now have created a comfortable and unique slipper. Be sure to find patterns that no one else will have to create your own individuality. Making this slipper is very inexpensive and can even be made out of extra scraps of fabric that are sitting around the house.


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