How To Make a Paper Airplane

Paper airplanes are classic toys that are easy to make. They range from simple designs requiring just a few folds to much more complicated planes. All you need is one sheet of plain paper, 8 1/2" by 11". Plain white printer paper is the best, but you can even use a page torn from a notebook.

Step 1

Start. To begin, your paper should be oriented vertically, or the way most people would write on it or read it. Then fold the sheet of paper in half, making a tall and skinny rectangle. It is important that this fold line is exactly even, because all of the folds that follow it will be based on this line. Sharply crease at the fold line, and then unfold the paper.

Step 2

Fold the corners. Now, fold both of the top corners down until the tip of each corner reaches the center fold.

Step 3

Fold the triangles downward. Next, fold this triangle shape downward along the triangle's bottom edge. You will now have a smaller rectangle that is wider than it is tall. This rectangle will have triangular shapes folded on top of it.

Step 4

Fold the top corners in. Now, fold the top corners towards the center again, like you did in the second step. Try to fold them down evenly, but do not fold them all the way in to the center line this time. Instead, only the tips of each corner should touch the center line.

Step 5

Fold the triangular tab. Now, fold the triangular tab upwards, so that it overlaps the triangles you folded in step three. This will hold them in place.

Step 6

Fold the airplane. Fold the entire piece in half along the center line so that all of the fold lines are facing outwards Now fold the two outer edges of the airplane to the center line, forming the wings. Then unfold them slightly, so that they are perpendicular to the rest of the plane and will catch the wind.

Step 7

Enjoy! Your plane is now ready to fly! It will fly best if you toss it gently; do not throw it as hard as you can. If you're making this in school, DO NOT throw it while the teacher is talking or any other inappropriate time. Wait until you're outside to use your paper airplane. Never aim it at someone's face.

Paper airplanes are classic toys that can be made by young children or adults. It is a fun and easy project that anyone can attempt. Paper airplanes require nearly nothing in the way of materials, and take just a few minutes to make. You can experiment with aerodynamics by changing the fold proportions slightly.


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