How To Make a Paper Airplane from A4/Letter Paper

A Easy to Make Stealth-like Airplane

Many good paper airplanes are made by using a square sheet of paper. This one can also be built the same way, but it looks and flies much better when you use A4 or Letter size of paper.

It's important to follow the instructions as closely as possible, because too big a tail will make the plane go up and fall down while too heavy a nose will send it straight to the ground.

  1. Get a sheet of paper. I prefer colored. The paper should be dry and clean, preferably not too thin (printer paper is OK). This is valid for most paper airplanes.
  2. Fold the paper at the center of the long side and reopen it back. This will form a central crease. See the picture below. 



    3. Pick one side for a nose and form it by making two diagonal folds. The two ends of the paper must meet each other at the central crease.



    4. Fold thus formed nose to the center. When you do this the entire airplane should be a square or almost square. See the picture below to get a better idea of this figure.



    5.  Make two diagonal folds as shown. This is a bit more of a delicate operation. The new corners must meet at about 4cm above the corner of the triangle that you formed in the previous step.



    6.  Make the corners stick. Fold the small triangle under the previously formed corners to the top (the nose) in such a way that the corners will not move. 



    7. Fold the airplane corpse. The central crease you did at the beginning comes in place now. You need to fold the corpse on the long side in a way that the triangle from step 6 remains outside:



     8. Form the airplane wings. You can use a ruler as shown on the picture below. This fold starts from the middle of the nose and ends at the tail to form 4-5 cm tail.



      9. Cut the tail. You can use scissors or just tear it carefully. This operation must happen 4cm from the end. Turn this piece back to the other part of the airplane to form a stabilizer. This part is fairly important for long and smooth flight.



     10. That's it! Your airplane is ready. Looks good, doesn't it?





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