How To Make a Paper Army Tank

You can have a lot of fun with paper if you spend a little time. You can create a paper army tank with some time and a few household items. Just follow these instructions. You'll need a sheet of paper and scissors.

  1. Prepare the paper. Cut a strip 2” by 10”. Lay the strip on a flat surface with the smallest side at the top. Put the rest of the paper aside.
  2. Fold the top corners. Start with the right corner and fold it so that the top meets the left side forming a triangle. Crease the fold then unfold. Repeat with the left corner so that it meets the right side. Crease that fold then unfold. You have created an X with the folds.
  3. Repeat fold with the bottom corners. Create the same X in the bottom of the strip.
  4. Use the Xs to create triangles. From underneath, push the sides in so that the center of the X forms the top of a triangle. Repeat with the bottom of the strip.
  5. Start with the top triangle. Fold the triangle’s bottom right corner up to meet the top of the triangle. Repeat with the left triangle corner. You should have what looks like a diamond on the top of where the original triangle was located.
  6. Arrange paper so that the bottom is now at the top then fold. To fold this section, take the right corner of the triangle over to meet the left point of the triangle. Then fold that flap so that the point meets the top of the triangle. Fold the flap back to the right side. Repeat this entire step on the left side of the triangle to create a diamond shape at this end.
  7. Fold the rest of the band in a circle so the ends meet and interlock the ends. The flaps you created in step six will interlock.
  8. Press the sides of the circle down into the shape of a tank. The shape should be similar to an oval but with square corers at the front and back of the tank shape.
  9. Add the gun/cannon barrel. Using the paper that you put aside in step one, cut a rectangle 1” by 2”. Roll it up into a tube shape then place it under the triangle on the top of the tank facing the front of the tank.

When you want to create a paper army tank, you can follow these instructions. Create a single tank to decorate your desk or an entire army battalion for your war game.


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