How To Make a Paper Mache Bowl

A paper mache bowl is an attractive way of developing your skills and making good use of your time. It has been practiced since the early ages and is nowadays a good hobby and a great way to earn additional money.

If you want to learn how to make a paper mache bowl, here are the things you need to do.

  • Prepare the materials. Look for a great bowl that you can use as a pattern and basis for your paper mache bowl. For a start, look for a sturdy and simple salad bowl with no outer decorations. You’ll also need petroleum jelly for greasing the pattern bowl. Based on the type of paste you want to use, you’ll either need flour, dry wallpaper glue, ordinary clear glue, and water. You’ll also need a small paintbrush that you’ll use to apply the glue. For the finishing touches, prepare tissue paper, sealer, paints, and other decorative materials you wish to add.
  • Grease the bowl. Take the bowl and place it upside down on a tray or a piece of board. Smooth it down with petroleum jelly or any type of material to ensure that the paper won’t stick to bowl surface. You’ll have to let the paper mache bowl dry fully, so it’s not good to put it on a flat surface like a table where you may have other needs for. In addition, putting it on top of a tray or board will catch excess petroleum jelly that may otherwise stain or mess your table. 
  • Prepare the paper mache pieces. Get a number of old newspapers and tear them into smaller pieces. Its best to tear the newspapers rather than cut it since it will be easier to maintain the bowl shape. 
  • Prepare the paste. You can use different types for the paste. You can either mix flour with water for the paste, or mix wallpaper glue with water. You can even use ordinary thin glue and mix it with little water. 
  • Make the paper mache bowl. Start putting the newspaper pieces on top of the upside down bowl. Cover each layer with the prepared glue using a paintbrush. You can decide on the number of layers that you want. Of course, more layers mean a stronger and sturdier output. As much as possible, retain the original shape and make sure that each side is evenly stacked with newspaper pieces.
    After completing the paper mache bowl, leave it out to dry for a few days
  • Design. Once the paper mache has dried completely, carefully remove it from the bottom of the pattern bowl. From here on, you’re free to design it any way you want. You can paint the inside and outside portion of the bowl with acrylic paint.

Cover the rims so the hard edges are smoothed out with tissue paper. If you don’t want to paint the bowl, you can cover it up with different-colored tissue paper until the newspaper pieces aren’t visible.

Once done, spray the paper mache bowl with a sealer so the paper doesn’t easily fall apart.

Making a paper mache bowl is a great hobby that can serve as a fruit bowl or gift basket. The design possibilities are endless, so you can freely experiment on how it should look.


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