How To Make a Paper Medieval Knight Helmet

Playing as a knight to slay dragons and save princesses in distress is a kid’s dream come true. Making a knight costume for your kid can give him a lot of enjoyable playtime that he’s sure to remember for a long time. Designing and making a medieval knight helmet is very easy to do. If you want to know how to make one out of paper, here are the things you need to do.

  • Prepare your materials. You’ll need a poster board, construction paper (preferably black), a pair of scissors or cutter, glue or clear tape, measuring tape, ruler, and aluminum foil.
  • Measure the helmet. Using a measuring tape, wound it around the head of the child so you’ll have an accurate helmet size. Measure both the head’s circumference and the head’s height. You can take the measurement either in centimeters or in inches. Take the poster board and mark it according to the size of the kid’s head. The width should be the same as the head’s circumference, but the height should be taller. The excess height should make up for the tapering at the bottom of the helmet. The outcome should be of a rectangular shape. Using a ruler, get the shape’s center and mark it with a pencil. Use this as an indication of the helmet’s front. 
  • Measure the face spaces. Using a ruler, take the measurement between the kid’s neck and the kid’s mouth. Afterwards, measure the length of the kid’s mouth and mark the two ends with a pencil. The center of the length should be in the center that you marked out earlier.
    Get the same measurement for the kid’s neck and eyes. Measure the space between the center of the kid’s mouth to his eyes. Mark both the height and width based on the edges of the measurement. Afterward, measure the space halfway between the kid’s shoulders and neck. From the bottom of the rectangle, measure about an inch from the bottom.
  • Cut out the shapes. For the eyes, you can cut out circular or rectangular-shaped slits. Make sure that the shape is enough to allow for full vision. As for the mouth, you can cut out the shape in a rectangular shape, or punch small holes around the mouth area for a more medieval look. Cut out a small part from the bottom, about an inch in height. This area will allow you to fold the bottom outwards. This will protect the kid’s neck and throat from injury due to coarse board edges.
    If you want more space, cut out a T-shaped area from the board. The ends of the top part of the letter should be the edges of the kid’s eyes. The vertical part of the letter should fit the kid’s nose and not necessarily his mouth.
  • Form the helmet. Cut out the marked-out rectangular shape from the board. Wound it around the child’s head and secure the edges together with tape. Use a pencil to mark the top of the kid’s head. Remove the helmet from the kid’s head the take out the tape. Based on the marking you made earlier, complete it into a single line. Remove this section and cut the removed area into smaller strips. Using tape or glue, place the strips together to form into a pyramid. Afterward, secure the edges with the top part of the helmet to complete the shape.
  • Decorate. Use aluminum foil to cover the entire helmet, taking care when cutting around the open areas. Secure the edges with clear glue. Afterward, let your child’s imagination guide him as he designs the helmet with the construction paper and markers.

Seeing your son enjoy his childhood to the best that he can is any parent’s dream. Let your child enjoy his playtime with a paper medieval knight helmet and treasure the moment that the two of you spent doing it.


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