How To Make a Paper Moravian Star

A paper Moravian star is a beautiful, hand-folded decoration. Traditionally, Moravian stars were made to celebrate Christmas, particularly by people of Moravian descent. They started out as complex structures of 110 spikes, but were later simplified to stars with 26 spikes.

Making paper Moravian stars is a fun, elegant craft idea. To make one, you will need four strips of paper. Each strip should be 20 times as long as it is wide (e.g, a 1" x 20" strip). Trim each edge so that it slants diagonally, but also has a straight edge. Fold each strip in half and then interlock them so that they are at right angles to each other.

Lay the strips on a flat surface with the top left strip facing up. Fold only the front half of the top left strip down, leaving the back half where it is. Turn 90 degrees and repeat, until all four strips are folded down. On the fourth strip, fold it over and under the previous strips. You should have something like a criss-cross pie pattern.

To tighten the strips, take the two strips on the right in your right hand, and the two on the left in your left hand, and pull gently. Then rotate and pull the four remaining strips in the same manner. Flatten the strips so that they crease. You've now formed the base of your Moravian star.

Next, take the rightmost strip and fold it to the back at a 45 degree angle. Then fold it over the front at a 45 degree angle. Fold the new point you've just created down to the back, so that it is flush with the strip in front of it. Hold the point with one hand, and with the other hand, thread the loose end of the point through the loop in front of it. Pull it all the way through.

Now rotate 90 degrees, and repeat with the next top right strip. Continue this all the way around. On the last strip, you will need to lift the flap of the first strip out of the way to thread it through. Now flip the star over, and repeat the steps to create the points of the star, starting with the top rightmost strip.

Now take the top left of the four front pieces and fold it down from the center. Turn clockwise and continue folding the remaining pieces from the center.

Take the top right piece, fold diagonally, and tuck it under the piece to the immediate left. Pull gently and press to make a crease. Turn 90 degrees and continue to tuck each piece into the fold to its immediate left. Turn the star over and repeat this process until your paper Moravian star is complete.


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