How To Make a Paper Napkin Flower

Making crafts is always entertaining and fun. Learning new skills is a fulfilling achievement and teaching the acquired skills to others is much more satisfying. There are lots of crafts that you can learn like creating paper puppets and cross stitching. In this article you’ll learn how to make a paper napkin flower that you can use to entertain your family members and friends. A paper napkin flower is also a great gift to give. Below are steps and guides on how to make a paper napkin flower.

  • Understand paper napkins more. Keep in mind that there are limitless colors so there is no limit in becoming creative. Visit your local retail store and go to the party isle section to help you determine the kind of paper napkins that you need. You can innovate and mix paper napkin with paper plates, paper towels, and even toilet paper. Read craft magazines and websites for further insights.
  • Gather the needed materials in making a paper napkin flower. You will need chicken wire, scissors, wire cutters, spray paint, glitters, and spray adhesive glue. Check your house if you have old craft materials that you can still use. Keep in mind that you don’t need to shell out money in order to become creative.
  • Spread out a paper napkin. Bright colors are the best because the paper napkin flowers need to become attractive. But you can use pale and sublime colors depending on your purpose.
  • Fold down the first 2 inches of your paper napkin. Make a crusty crease by using your fingers.
  • Position the paper napkin between your index and middle finger. Your fingers must be on the fold’s left edge.
  • Hold the napkin’s other side and envelop it around your index and middle finger. That edge will serve as petals. Don’t tightly wrap so your fingers won’t get stuck.
  • Sustain the hold. Use your free hand to hold the napkin beneath the petals and begin twisting tightly. The bottom must have a 2 inches free space.
  • Create the leaf of your paper napkin flower. Grab a corner and pull it loosely so you can have a leaf. Sustain the twist in the napkin until you reach its bottom.
  • Free your fingers from the flower’s petal section. Use your fingers to carefully spread the petals of your paper napkin flower.
  • Bring life to your paper napkin flower. Use spray glue and various glitter colors enhance the aesthetic appeal of your craft. Utilize tissue paper if you want to create bigger paper flowers; just use the similar procedure in creating a paper napkin flower.
  • Other uses of paper napkin flower. It can be added as vehicle decoration in parades and related events. You can also create a paper napkin flower via plastic straw.

Creating paper napkin flowers are great start in making advance craft designs. You might experience failure at first attempts but you will master the craft through constant practice. If you want to teach your kids or other people how to create a paper napkin flower, then master it first so you can teach it easily and you can teach by example.


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