How To Make a Paper Plate Lion

Lions are great animals and children often want to play as such. Making one out of paper plates is a great design piece for a play or as part of an animal costume. It’s fairly easy to do and the construction materials are easily accessible as well. If you want to know how to make a paper plate lion, here are the things you need to do.

Prepare the materials. You’ll need a snack-sized paper plate for the lion’s head, a dinner sized paper plate for the body, glue or paste, a pair of scissors, markers or crayons, paint in yellow and brown color, or yellow tissue paper or construction paper.

Make the lion’s head. Get the paper plates and place it upside down in a flat surface. Make sure that the table is covered with newspapers or a tray so excess paint won’t stain the table.

Paint them in yellow or glue yellow construction paper or tissue around it. Let them dry for a while so the paint that you’ll apply for the mane wouldn’t wash out on the face color.

Prepare the mane. There are different ways to make the lion’s mane. The first one is by mixing a small amount of brown and yellow plate and applying it around the snack-sized paper plate. You can use either a toothbrush or a sponge for the application.

Another way is by cutting strips of yellow, brown or orange construction paper. These can be about two inches long and half an inch wide. Paste or glue them around the lion’s head. You can use a pencil to twirl the paper around and curl the edges.

Using colored construction paper, you can also cut about an inch and a half long strips, and paste it around the lion’s head. Just allow a few centimeters of space between the edge of the paper plate and the outer end of the construction paper.

If you don’t have any construction paper on hand, you can use the paper plate itself for the mane. Paint both sides of the paper plate with a mixture of brown and yellow paint and leave it to dry. Cut out about two inches long and half an inch wide paper plate strips. Use a pencil or pen to curl the edges.

Make the lion’s face. On a piece of folder, cut out either two round or triangular shapes for the lion’s ear. Paint or color the outer area with yellow, and a darker shade for the inner area. For the eyes, nose and mouth, you can either draw them with markers and color them, or cut them out from folders and construction paper to add more volume to the lion. There are also pre-made shapes found online that you can print out on a construction paper that you just need to cut out and paste. For the whiskers, you can either draw them with black markers, or glue in black yarn.

Make the lion’s body. Color the dinner-sized paper plate with the same coloring as the head. Cut out shapes for the lion’s legs and tail on a construction paper. Add additional designs for the lion’s claws.

Paste the pieces together
. Paste the two ears on opposite sides of the lion’s head. If you created the face from materials other than the paper plate, paste or glue them in as well. Paste half of the lion’s head to the upper part of the lion’s body. Complete the lion by adding the legs and tail. Curl the tail at the end using pencil or pen.

Making a lion is a great way to introduce kids to different animals that can be found in the wild. Aside from getting added knowledge, they can also develop their creative and artistic sides.


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