How To Make a Paper Plate Puppet

If you want to learn a new craft, consider paper plate puppets because they’re easy to do and fun to use. With paper plate puppets, you can create your own puppet show. If you are a teacher or you have kids, then this project will help the children on how to mingle and collaborate with other kids, which is important especially in their toddler years where they are curious and experimenting with ideas. Encourage your children or students to create various paper plate puppets like lions, zebra, dogs, cats and even insects like lizards and bugs. Tell them that they can also copy the faces of their friends and have a show. In this article, you’ll learn on how to create a ladybug paper plate puppet. It will serve as a stepping stone that will help you or your children in making advanced craft projects and designs. Below are the steps and guides on how to make a paper plate puppet.

  • Gather the materials needed in making a paper plate puppet. The materials needed are 2 paper plates, glue, black colored paper (white and red paper are optional), paints, crayons, and markers. Find old craft materials around your house so you can also teach your kids to become economical.
  • Outline the legs of the ladybug in a black colored paper. Cut the legs of the ladybug. Tell your children that a ladybug has 6 rectangular legs but they can curve and cut the legs like a crescent moon. It’s better if you will join the children in making a ladybug paper plate so they can see and observe how it is done. Remember that there are children who learn faster when they see the instructions themselves instead of just hearing theories.
  • Prepare the paper plate. Put the paper plate in a clean table in your front. The curve of the paper plate edges must be toward you.
  • Glue the legs of the ladybug in the paper plate rim. Ensure that each side of your paper plate has three legs.
  • Prepare the second paper plate. The backside of the paper plate must be facing you because you need to decorate on that side.
  • Sketch the body of the ladybug on the second paper plate. Begin with the head but tell them that they can begin from the feet. Tell them that there are no rules in creativity but they must learn the theories. The head of the ladybug must be around 3 inches so you still have space to draw its body. Draw a line in the 3 inches mark; the line will serve as guideline in drawing the head of the ladybug. Complete the body of the ladybug.
  • Make the ladybug colorful. Use markers or crayons to give life to the ladybug. Color the ladybug on a colored paper. The head of the ladybug is black and it has white eyes. The body of the ladybug is red and it has black spots. Get a picture of a ladybug so the children can see its actual image but remove the picture after a minute or two and let them draw from memory so they can become more creative.
  • Attach the two paper plates. The insides of the paper plates must be facing one another. Staple or glue the top half part of the paper plates. Don’t unglue the bottom half so you can slide your hand and animate the paper plate puppet.
  • Dry your paper plate puppet. Put your dry hands inside the ladybug puppet and enjoy.

Create stories and have a skit to enhance the fun. You can make a surprise show to amaze family members or friends.


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