How To Make a Paper Rose

Artificial roses inside glasses

Flowers can brighten any room. If you want to use paper flowers but are not fond of the artificial look, make your own paper roses. Create custom blooms you are sure to be satisfied with by following this simple procedure.

Crepe paper
Floral wire
Green floral tape
Thin floral wire

Pinking sheers
Wire cutters

  1. Cut out petals with scissors. The shapes do not have to be uniform. For a realistic size, the petals should be no more than 2 inches in height. Try for a teardrop shape. Start with fifteen petals. As you build the flower, you may wish to use more or less. Lay the leaves out onto a table. They will curl up a little at the edges.
  2. Cut leaves with pinking shears. Place two sheets of green crepe paper together, then cut out the leaves. Pinking sheers will add nice edges to the leaves. Cut out small and medium sized leaves for some variety.
  3. Insert stem and glue leaves. Cut wire 3 to 4 inches in length. Choose one of the leaf pairs. Separate the two layers at one end. Place the stem wire in the center of the leaf to about halfway. Place glue around the edges of the leaf on both sides and down toward the stem. Hold the two layers of the leaf together and press to secure them. Make as many leaves as your taste desires.
  4. Roll petal around stem. Cut wire 8 to 10 inches in length for flower stem. Start with the first petal. Lay it flat onto a table. Place the stem on top of the petal. Place a row of glue on the outside of the petal to approximately halfway. Curl the petal around the stem and twist at the base to secure the glue. Make the first petal as tight as you want the flower to look – tighter for buds but slightly open for a rose in bloom.
  5. Build flower by applying petals around outside. Apply the second petal around the first. Make sure to turn the stem so that your petal edges do not line up. You want to stagger the petals for a more natural look. Once you have attached the petal with glue, twist the base between your fingers to secure the glue. Move on to another petal. Continue adding petals around the rose until you have the desired bloom.
  6. Secure petal grouping with floral tape. Once the bloom is to the desired size, then secure the bottom half inch with floral tape. Wrap the tape tightly around the base of the bloom and work your way down the stem approximately 1 inch.
  7. Attach leaves. Position the leaves alone or in clusters where you want them on the flower stem. Wrap the wire from the leaf securely around the flower stem.
  8. Wrap stem with floral tape. Hold the leaf in position and tightly continue to wrap the floral tape down the stem. This wrap will secure all the leaves and give the rose a sturdier stem.
  9. Enjoy your new bloom. Once the stem is completely wrapped, the rose is ready to be enjoyed. Combine several paper roses into an arrangement in a vase or select one to place in a bud vase for a simple, sophisticated look.

Now you can create an entire garden of roses if you desire. Enjoy your newest paper blooms and spray them with scent if you want to enhance the experience. Whatever you do, enjoy the roses you have created.


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