How To Make a Paper Shuriken

Forgot Planes -- Start Throwing Shurikens

With this tutorial I expect to teach you how to make your own paper shuriken (ninja throwing star).

First of all you will need two squared sheets of paper. The shuriken is made with the union of these two sheets of paper.

Step 1

For both sheet "A" and sheet "B":

Make dotted lines at the top quarter of the page and at the bottom quarter of the page. Fold from the top and from the bottom, along the dotted lines. Then fold in half.

Step 2

For sheet "A" fold the corners into triangles, as in (2) below. Then fold down along the dotted lines (3), and fold the edge up along the dotted lines (4), exactly as in the pic. It should look like it does in (5).

Step 3

With the "B" sheet you will do the same, just in the opposite side.

Fold the corners into triangles, but in the opposite side that you did in the first sheet (6). Then fold up along the dotted line (7) and fold the edge down along the dotted line (8). It should look like the opposite of sheet A (9).

Step 4

Invert B and place A on the top of B, as shown in the diagram (10). Fold the corner into the opening as show in (11). And then fold the other corner into the opening as shown in (12).

Step 5

Turn over (13) and fold the corners into the openings (14).

The firsts shurikens you made could look pretty odd, but it's normal; like any kind of origami, you will need to practice a little bit to deal with all the folding parts.

If you want to practice a little bit before making another one, undo this one and use the folding lines to redo it.


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This is cool. I don't think any of my books have a throwing star in them.

By Melissa Howard