How To Make a Personalized Lunch Box

If you want to bring new life to an old lunch box, why not personalize it? Instead of throwing away a perfectly usable lunchbox, you can make your own decorations and give the item your own personal touch. On the other hand, if you’re shopping around and can’t seem to find the perfect lunchbox with a design your child likes, you can personalize it to give it your child’s own touch. Your child will his own unique lunch kit that will be set apart from everyone else’s.

Here’s how to make a personalized lunch box.

Get an old lunchbox. Make sure it’s a good-sized lunch box that can handle all of your child’s food items. A plastic lunch box is easiest to work with since you can easily take off any old designs and replace it with your own. If you are using a cloth lunch box, then be sure to prepare some non-washable markers that are safe for fabric use. If you can’t find an old lunchbox, you can go ahead and buy a new one and choose the right size and color for your child. You can always modify the design to make it your child’s own creation.

Write your child’s name. The easiest way to personalize something is to write your child’s name on it. Aside from writing directly on the lunch box surface, you can also attach a bag tag on it that has your child’s name and classroom number.

Have fun with stickers. Does your child have a favorite popular character? Does your child like rainbows, flowers or hearts? Purchase a sheet of stickers from the stationery store. Avoid using puffy stickers but go ahead and use glitter and other types of stickers. If you can find alphabet stickers, spell out your child’s name.

Draw your own design. Have your child draw on a measured sheet of paper that you can glue onto the lunchbox. Make sure you get the dimensions properly so you will have the right sized design. If you are working with a fabric or cloth lunchbox, then start with a light pencil sketch before using the fabric marker pens. Let your child decide what he wants on the lunchbox. It’s the time to be creative and let him express his imagination and preferences.

Seal with contact paper. You can purchase contact paper at office supply stores and art and craft stores. If you are working with a plastic lunch box, make sure you wipe the surface carefully so that you are working with a clean surface. Remove any old adhesive on the surface or it will cause the new design to bubble. After you have positioned the drawing design, get a pre-measured sheet of contact paper and place it over the design.

Allow the design to dry properly before you wash it. Once the lunchbox is ready, it’s ready to be filled with your child’s snacks and other goodies. Your child will surely go to school to excitedly show the lunchbox that you have created together! This project takes only a few hours, but your child will have a lunchbox that he can proudly show to his classmates for an entire year!


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