How To Make a Personalized Memorial Candle for a Wedding

Weddings are special occasions meant to be spent with friends and loved ones. However, as death is also a part of life, sometimes people lose loved ones even before finding that special, significant other. For these occasions, a memorial candle can be used to help commemorate those whom one has lost.

A memorial candle is a way of remembering your loved ones who have already passed away before your wedding day. You can actually create your own personalized candle to show that not only are they thought of even after death, but also it would be even more special to have as wonderful decors in your wedding ceremony.

Here are the steps to create your very own personal and inexpensive memorial candle.

Prepare the materials. For this project, you will need the usual glue, scissors, pen, paper, double-sided tape, the candle and the candle holder (which is, preferably, a clear, see-through glass cylinder). You would also need Vellum paper and an LED tea light candle or a small regular candle.

Create your design. First draft your design on a piece of paper. It might be easier to do the design on the computer where you can just type in the name of the deceased loved one. For instance, you can say “In memory of...” However, the idea behind this novelty item is to make it personal and unique, so it would be best if the designs and writings were made by hand. Remember to make it simple and elegant because after all, it is for a wedding. It shouldn’t be so colourful that it would attract most people’s attention, but it should just be another add-on to the already beautiful occasion.

Add a photo. This is optional. It might already be too much, though, but then again it could also be a nice way of remembering those who have passed away at a very important event like this. It’s also another way of at least letting those who haven’t met those persons a glimpse of what they used to look like, instead of just reading a name.

Try it out. Print out the paper. Try to wrap it around the glass cylinder. Make sure it fits the cylinder. Should there be any excess parts, cut them off. This is the time when you can adjust and make the necessary changes. Right after doing so, the paper would also serve as a pattern for the other glass cylinders.

Finishing touches. The final sheets that have the design on them have to be printed out on Vellum paper. Each Vellum paper has to be wrapped around the glass cylinder and position it in such a way that all you need is to use the double-sided tape to glue the two ends together. It would also look good to tie ribbons around each glass cylinder. Suggestions for the colors would be white and silver, also depending on the wedding theme.

Light it up. Put the LED candle inside the glass cylinder and see how it lights up the personalized memorial candle.


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