How To Make a Photo Backdrop

A photograph’s appearance is greatly enhanced with the use of pieces of clothing or other designs acting as a background for a particular subject. Depending on the effect you would want to achieve on your photo, the designs may vary in styles and colors. Even a plain white background can add impact to your picture, giving it a special look. When you use backdrops, you are allowing your pictures to come to life, whether they are simple or more ornate. With digital photographs, you can create your backdrops through the use of the computer and from images that are already supplied to you. This is a very easy process and you can come up with really great-looking backdrops to make your photo extra-special. If you are interested in making a backdrop on your own, you will need to imagine the colors you will be needing, and the effect it will have on your photographs. Here’s how to do it.

  • Gather your materials. You will need Muslin material, large enough for the area of the wall you will be using for your photograph, Rit dye, either in powder form or liquid, a long piece of string, a large pail or bucket, and a wooden stick.
  • Prepare your Muslin material. Before you can begin to work on your Muslin fabric, you must wash it by hand and let it drain out but not completely dry. You will need to keep the fabric slightly wet to be able to dye it properly.
  • Prepare your dye. Follow the instructions for the Rit dye preparation. Get a large pot and boil water on it. Keeping your water as hot as possible will allow your dye to adhere to your Muslin fabric much easier. Now take your large pail or bucket and pour you hot water in. Place your dye into the hot water and stir they dye until it is completely dissolved on the water.
  • Dye your fabric. You can now begin to dye your fabric in two ways. One option would be to dye it in one solid color, and the other to give it a tie-dyed effect. If you would like to go with the single color option, allow your fabric to hang loose as you place it into your pail of dyed water. To tie-dye, you must hold your fabric in one bunch and use rubber bands to keep it secure. You will then make your fabric form into a ball tying it with your string in a loose manner before placing it inside your pail. By tying it loosely, you can have more visible whites on your fabric. To keep the center of your fabric from taking in two much dye, you will need to tighten up the string you tied around the fabric. You will now let your fabric sit in your pail of dyed water for around 30minutes. If you would want your colors to be darker, then you should leave the fabric on the dye solution a bit longer.
  • Finish up. After the dyeing process, you may now remove your fabric from the pail and give it some time to dry. You may now affix your backdrop onto your wall by using thumbtacks.

Your backdrop will have a texture that appears wrinkled. This will really look good as a backdrop. Place the subject of your photo a few feet at the front of your backdrop. You can create a blurry effect for the background and your subject as the focal point of your photo.


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