How To Make a Photo Mobile Out of Old CDs

Photo mobiles are creative and artistic replacements for picture frames. They also are good decorations for around the house and you can hang as many of these as you want.

There are a lot of ways that you can have a photo mobile in your home. The easiest would be to purchase one. However, there’s a cheaper way for you to create one yourself and at the same time, save a few dollars. This is also a good idea to give as a gift to a family or friend.

With the use of old CDs that are of no more use to you and a string, you can easily create a photo mobile.

1. Prepare the following materials:
  • old, unused CDs
  • string
  • a glue gun and a glue stick
  • photos
  • a drill
  • barbecue sticks
  • different colors of crepe paper

2. Prepare your materials and work on a large table. Make this your workspace. First, determine which CDs are those you don’t need anymore and can use for this project.

3. Take one CD at a time and use a drill to punch holes through them. Punch one hole near the edge of each CD where the string can pass through. Make sure there is enough space on the CD where you can paste the photos on.

4. Choose which pictures you would want to paste on the CDs. Use the glue gun for this purpose. Just apply small dots on each corner and side of the picture and that will be good enough.

5. Grab the string and string it through a CD. Tie a knot on the hole on the CD and then you will have to tie the other end of the string to the barbecue stick. Do this on each of the CDs.

6. To make your photo mobile more unique, create levels for the CDs. Tie the strings to the barbecue sticks on different levels. Each barbecue stick should have at least two CDs tied to it.

7. You can also criss-cross the barbecue sticks in such a way that you have four CDs hanging on them. Tie the criss-crossed barbecue sticks together using the glue gun and then the string.

8. You can also make your mobile more colourful by using crepe paper to wrap around the barbecue sticks.

9. Also, if you have a lot of pictures that you would want to have on just one photo mobile, you may post more pictures on the other side of the CD.

Now that you know the basics of making a photo mobile out of old CDs, you can start creating even more and then tweak your own designs and your creativity into them. You can be resourceful and use even more materials that you have lying around your home. With all the fun that is included in creating these homemade creations, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. The enjoyment you get out of it would maybe encourage you to do more. Who knows, this might be a good idea for a small business.


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