How To Make a Photo Wall Collage

A photo wall collage is a compilation of photographs. It can be about an event, occasion or travel experience. The photos stored in your boxes, camera or computer can now be useful. It is simple and fun to make. The materials used in this are not that expensive. A collage can turn out to be much cheaper than a store-bought decoration for your home.  Your creativity and resourcefulness in doing this would be applied. You can hang the collage you make on your wall as a decoration.

Follow these instructions to make a collage:

  1. Buy a cork board that has the right size for your collage. Make sure to measure the wall where you want to hang it. If you want to have a big collage, you should have many pictures. If you don’t have too many photos and you want to make a collage still, you can make at least two or three copies of a photo you have for that theme.
  2. Collect all your new and old pictures. Check if you still have the negatives to make copies of the pictures.  If you have them in your camera, make sure to save it and print it out. Pick out the pictures you want to use. You can sequence events in your collage. You can also place different pictures of yourself.  Your family’s and relatives’ pictures in reunions, birthday parties, weddings and other occasions can also be your focus. All of the pictures should be connected to your focus.
  3. Cut the photos in shapes like circles, squares or ovals. In cutting a photo, do not just cut a face. Also include the background of the picture.  Don’t forget to leave straight-edged photos for the border of the collage.
  4. Outline or lay the pictures on your cork board. Don’t overlap pictures on top of the other and leave spaces in between.  Form the pictures on top. Remember to leave spaces if you want to place labels or designs.
  5. If you are already sure of the form, paste or use adhesive tape to glue the photos onto the cork board. Don’t over-glue the photos. These might get warped and curvy. Use only a few drops and it can stick already. Remember to lay the board flat by using a cloth or a notebook. Some photos can slip and you can just stick it or move it back. If you are using paste, let it dry for about one hour.
  6. If you want to change the form of some pictures, use a razor blade. Make sure to still keep the photos and the cork board clean.
  7. If you want to cover it, you can use plastic cover or you can bring it to a framer. The best covering for it would be glass. If you don’t want to keep it enclosed, then make sure it is clean and has no dust.
  8. Hang the collage on the wall. Hammer and nails or picture hooks can be used for this purpose.


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