How To Make a Piano Bench Cushion

Practicing and playing any musical instrument is often considered an art, requiring time, patience and a lot of effort to be able to play well depending on the instrument. But perhaps the one musical instrument that seems to come to mind more than any other is the piano. This instrument is often called the manifestation of music due to its ability to play notes as well as any other musical instrument, and dedicating one’s life to the art of perfecting the piano is a wonderfully respectable path to take in life. But if you are willing to spend the countless hours necessary to perfecting the art of playing the piano, then you will need a comfortable piano bench to sit in. Unfortunately, a lot of the older piano benches don’t really offer any padding (being simply made from hard types of wood), and the newer ones may cost more than a pretty penny—or perhaps even more as you may end up buying the whole piano along with it! Thankfully, creating your own piano bench cushion can be quite easy if you know your way around a sewing machine or even a needle and some thread—and this article will help you as well by providing some steps to follow:

Ready the necessary materials. Aside from the sewing machine or the thread and the needle, you will need the fabric of your choice, measuring at about four yards in length as well as a lot of cotton stuffing (about two or three bags worth). Easier materials to gather would be a pair of scissors, a tape measure as well as a marker. Once you have all of these items ready, you can continue.

Measure the piano bench and mark the fabric. Specifically, measure the dimensions of the top of the piano bench, as it is more comfortable to have the cushion cover the bench’s entire top. Once you have finished properly measuring it, mark the fabric you had chosen—making sure that it is a little more than the size you want so that you can fold and shut the edges properly. Also, ensure that you measure the two sides of your cushion, using two pieces of the fabric to complete it.

Cut and sew. With everything measured, you can now begin the process of creating the cushion. Use your scissors to cut the two pieces of fabric, being careful to stick to the measurements. With that finished, sew the sides of the two pieces of fabric together, leaving all but one side open.

Stuff and sew. From the side of the cushion you left open, you can now stuff it with your bags of cotton stuffing. Make sure that you stuff as much as you can inside so that the piano bench cushion does not feel hard. Once it feels like the cushion is totally full, then you can finally sew the last side shut—completing your work.

The only thing left is for you to do is to try it out, and if you followed all of the tips precisely, then you will not be disappointed with the results. Now you can practice piano while enjoying the new padding of your piano bench courtesy of your own handiwork.


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