How To Make a Picture Frame for Large Photos

We want to display our photos all over our homes to value the memories that we have and keep them forever. Before displaying them though, once you have decided what photos you want to have in your house, you must first buy picture frames that would be appropriate to the photos. At the same time, the picture frame makes the photo more attractive and makes the photo stand out.

Unfortunately, though, buying a lot of picture frames would be relatively expensive, especially if you choose those that are customized by colors and design. The size of the frame also affects the price. But don’t worry, if you really want to have picture frames without spending a large amount of money, this article will show you how to make your own picture frame for large photos. This can be an enjoyable activity, and you will save money when you create frames rather than buy ready-made ones.

  1. First, measure the picture that you want to frame. Then, mark your wood molding so you will know if the opening of the frame will show the entire picture. To have nice edges on your frame, use a meter saw to cut a 45-degree angle on every corner of the frame. Put the markings inside the corners. You could also use a chair rail molding to work well with your frames.
  2. Make a router on the back inside edge of the molding. The measurement should be 1/8 inch deep and ¼ inch wide. This serves as a tool to hold the picture and the glass in the frame. Then, make another router from the edge. At the same edge of the first router, it should be ½ inch from the outside edge. This time, it serves to hold the cardboard to the back of the frame.
  3. Now, apply wood glue to stick the frame together. Matching up the decorative edges of the moldings, you must use clamps to hold the corners of the frame while waiting for the glue to dry. At the same time, nail every corner of the frame while the frame is tight in the clamps.
  4. To apply a design on your frame, customize a color for it first. You will need to use sand paper on the wood to have a smooth surface. Then paint it and use tung oil to make it glossy. Allow the frame to dry completely.
  5. Set the cardboard outside the grove on the back of the frame. From the front of the frame, draw a line around the cardboard while marking the inside lines of the frame. With the use of a box cutter, cut the cardboard across the top and on both sides and the leave the bottom intact. You could also purchase frame clips to hang your frame on the wall. However, if you decide to put the frame down, you could open the inside part of the cardboard to serve as your stand. Put the frame clips on the top of the frame.
  6. Put glue on the cardboard to the back of the frame, inside the outside edge with the cut side facing up. Let it dry for about 2 hours. Insert the glass and the photo when you’re done.


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