How To Make a Picture Frame Party Favor

A picture frame party favor is a souvenir that lets your guests treasure the wonderful memories about an event that you hosted, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, a graduation party or a Christmas dinner. Picture frames come with varied and unique designs that are appropriate to the different themes and events that are held.

Actually, you can even make some of these wonderful souvenirs by yourself! With just a few household and common items, you build your own picture frame party favors! Spending too much money also shouldn’t be a problem here because you will certainly cut back on costs with this project. After getting the hang of doing this, you can even consider doing it as a small business!

Here’s what you will need:

  • frames
  • paint
  • glue
  • frame decorations
  • scissors
  • pictures
  1. Decide what type of picture frame you would want for your party favor. There are a lot of various frames that you may choose from. There are some that are made out of wood, plastic or foam. You could purchase these frames in bulk from the hardware store or from your local department store. Just keep in mind what the event will be like, and if the design will be appropriate.
  2. Now put some decorations around the picture frame. Your decoration must be in tune with the party event. For example, if you are celebrating a birthday party, apply some balloon or cake stickers. While if it’s a beach party you’re celebrating, you could put sand on the frame and shells. It is also a good idea to use glitters on every design just to make the frames look fancy and shiny.
  3. For additional designs on your picture frame, you could use a mini cookie cutter and some craft foam. Trace around the mini cookie cutter and then cut out the foam with the use of scissors or a cutter. After you have cut out the design, attach it to the picture frame by using craft glue.
  4. For wedding events, the design that you is usually achieved involves silk or satin to cover the picture frame. Always use glue to attach the material on the frame. Then put the candid picture of the groom and bride and at the same time add their names and the date of their wedding. Use a calligraphy font on for the lettering of their names and then put it on the bottom part of the frame.
  5. Then, finally put the picture of the person who is celebrating the event. The picture may compose of candid pictures that include all the guests or whatever you think is best for the frame.

Always thank your guests for coming. You include a small tag saying your thanks and appreciation for their presence. You can make your picture frames to be colorful and creative and glue anything and everything that you can on them. This could even prove to be a worthy experience because your guests might want to get you to make more for them.


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