How To Make a Piggy Bank

Woman dropping coin in the piggybank

Making your own piggy bank is a great way to recycle and do something good for the environment, as well as save money (which means more money for your piggy bank).  You also get a chance to express yourself, use your creativity, and make something that is one of a kind.  It's also a great project for a rainy afternoon for children who are bored and need something to do.

You will first need to choose a container.  Look at the various cardboard, metal, or plastic containers that you normally might throw out or put in the recycle bin.  Coffee cans, water or soda bottles, milk jugs, and more can all be things that can be turned into a fun and cheap piggy bank.

Most of these will have a somewhat cylinder like shape.  Lay your chosen container on its side and cut a slit in what will be the top.  Make sure it's large enough for the coins and bills to easily go through.  You may also consider cutting a hole in the bottom or on the back where you can place a cork, which you can probably find at any craft store, so you can easily get the money out again.  Or cut out a section and use duct tape to tape it back into place and when you want to open your bank just peel off the taped up section.

If you like you could decorate the entire body of your container by painting it or covering it with fabric, paper, or self-adhesive Contact shelf paper.

If you are using something like a water bottle or milk jug the cap can become the pig's nose.   Eyes and other facial features can be painted on or drawn on with permanent marker.  Or you can look for other things that normally get thrown away and glue them on to serve as parts of the face.  For example, you might use things like buttons, bottle caps, or cut scrap pieces of felt and glue them on for the eyes, ears or nose.  A piece of wire could be curled up and added on as a tail.

When you are all done and satisfied with your completed piggy bank step back and take a moment to admire your work.  All that is left to do is to test it out by adding some coins to the bank.  Remember to keep your piggy bank happy and content by feeding it often with your spare change.


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