How To Make a Pilgrim Hat

A pilgrim hat can be a useful and lovely decoration for Thanksgiving. It can be used as centerpiece for a table, can sit it on top of a pumpkin or used as part of a pilgrim's attire. This is a simple project that kids can help or do themselves for fun. It could also be done by adults with the help of the kids for better bonding of the family. Follow these simple steps to make a pilgrim hat:

  1. On a wide chipboard, create a large circle and nest a smaller circle inside it. On the circular strips, mark straight lines at angles so that only about one-third of the whole circle will be used.
  2. The circle must be cut then wrapped into a cone shape. Fasten it with a tape on the inside.
  3. Get the measurement of the diameter of the cone. On a large piece of chipboard, draw a circle of that diameter.
  4. Then a larger circle will be created around this circle to mark the outside border of the hat's brim. Nest the circles exactly. Use a ruler to measure.
  5. Draw a belt buckle rectangle on the chipboard. Inside this rectangle, draw two smaller, narrower rectangles.
  6. The newly drawn buckle rectangle should be wrapped with aluminum foil and glued to the front of the hat. Hide the exposed glue by painting the hat with black paint and allow to fully dry.
  7. Cut out the segments of the pilgrim hat. Allow a hole at the top of the cone-shaped piece of chipboard measuring a smaller circle. Paint this circle black and let it dry.
  8. Slip the hat brim over the cone shape from the top. To secure it, use hot glue and turn the hat over to glue the brim. Any gap must be filled with hot glue. On top of the hat, glue the small circle.

A ball of yarn could be glued to the top of the hat. More accessories could be added to make the hat look great. Be creative and match each color with each other. You can make your pilgrim hat more personalized by putting your name or anything that would tell something about the occasion.

Create a pilgrim hat for a friend during a special occasion. Decorate it with some of his favorite things! A bag of marshmallows or a handful of chocolate striped cookies could add to the creativity of the hat.

Making a pilgrim hat is fun especially when all the members of the family are involved. The occasion would not only become special but memorable and the kids would long for it on every occasion. They would list down all their new ideas to make the hat more decorative and lovely.

Friends would appreciate your efforts in creating a pilgrim hat for their birthdays. There are party hats that could be bought in party stores but a pilgrim hat that has its efforts from a friend would make a party more memorable and exciting.


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