How To Make a Pincushion

If you do any sewing work, you know you need to have at least one pincushion to stick those pins and needles when they are not being used. Finding a pincushion at the store isn’t easy these days. Instead you can make your own pincushion if you follow these instructions.

Fabric remnant at least 6 ½ inches x 4 inches
Cotton stuffing
Lots of pins

  1. Start with the fabric flat on a table. The side of the fabric that you want on the outside of the pincushion should be facing up.
  2. Fold the fabric in half. You will be making two identical circles so it is easiest if you fold the fabric in half and make one cut. The side you want visible for the finished product should be on the inside of the fabric fold and not visible at this time.
  3. Trace a circle three inches in diameter. Use a compass to create the circle or the lid to any common household jar or other object in the size you are looking for.
  4. Cut out the circle. With the folded fabric you should have two identical circles.
  5. Pin the two circles together. Line them up so they are even. Keep the side of the fabric you later want visible remaining hidden at this time. You will essentially sew the circles together inside out in order to hide the seams.
  6. Sew a seam around the outside of the circles. Leave one inch of the seam undone so that the cushion can be stuffed later. This step creates basically a small, round pocket.
  7. Turn the pocket inside out. This hides the seam and gives you an idea of what the finished pincushion will look like.
  8. Stuff the cushion. Push stuffing through the open hole in the seam. Fill the cushion with stuffing so that it is full but the seams aren’t bursting.
  9. Sew up the hole. Once the cushion is stuffed, sew closed the opening. Now you are ready to use the pincushion. Start storing your pins safely by pushing them into the cushion.

Pincushions can be made in any shape or size. Have a little fun and create a shoe shaped cushion or even experiment with cubes, triangles or other fun geometric shapes. All it takes is a little time and a little creativity to make a pincushion as creative as you are.


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