How To Make a Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur

It’s easy to create dinosaurs using a pipe cleaner. It is a mess free craft project that younger kids and young people at heart will enjoy doing. There are myriad things that you can do with a pipe cleaner and what’s wonderful is they come in lots of colors so it’s certain that your kids will enjoy it, and it’s a nice way to enhance their imaginative process. Pipe cleaners are cheap and easily accessible in any craft store. The steps and guides below will help you create a fuzzy and cute Brontosaurus that has a coiled body. With simple instructions, you can finish the project in several minutes.

  • Create a long stem. Twist together 4 pieces of pipe cleaners. Chenille stems and pipe cleaners come in multi-colored sets. Overlap the pipe cleaners in an inch so they’ll stay together. The tips of pipe cleaners might be sharp so bend down the exposed wire using scissors or cutter for safety.
  • Wrap each long stem’s end around a pencil to create a tight coil. Remove the pencil. It will create the neck of dinosaur at one end of the stem while the tail on its other end. Don’t uncoil two pipe cleaners in the center of your dinosaur’s body.
  • Make the body of your dinosaur fatter. It will make your project attractive. You can do it by twisting the long stem of 2 center pipe cleaners around a broad marker. Slide out the marker.
  • Create the legs of your dinosaur. Bend 2 pipe cleaners in a V-shape. Wrap the end of the V-shape around a pencil so you can make a tiny spiral. Insert the 2 legs of your dinosaur that are V-shaped in the base of your dinosaur’s body. Twist the legs several times to hold it in place.
  • Create the neck of your dinosaur. Stretch an end of the body of your dinosaur to create its neck. Compact the end of the neck so you can create a head for your dinosaur. Pull the other end to lengthen the tail of your dinosaur.
  • Create the face of your dinosaur. Glue or tape google eyes to the head of your dinosaur. You can purchase google eyes at hobby and craft stores. Remember that there is no limit in creativity. You can put a nose and a smiling face to the head of your creation so you can have a friendly dinosaur.
  • Learn other designs and make other creations using pipe cleaners. You can start with a T-Rex rather than a Brontosaurus, it depends on your preference. You just need to imagine the T-Rex and be creative. Creating a dinosaur using pipe cleaners can be the stepping stone of your children to create advance designs. If you’re not confident about your craft making skills, then have some practice before you teach your kids so they can learn easily. 

If you want to teach your kids to become creative, then teach them at an early age because it’s the age where they are highly inquisitive. Learning how to make a pipe cleaner dinosaur is a wonderful start.


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