How To Make a Planter Out of a Plastic Bottle

Gardening is fun. It is one task that everyone can enjoy and it is fairly easy. However, buying the necessary items for gardening can be expensive. For instance, planters cost some money, and if you have a lot of plants, you might have to invest in several planters. You can create a self-watering planter out of a plastic bottle, though. Making one is very easy, convenient, and can save you a few dollars. You can make one now by following these steps:

Prepare the plastic bottle. Take a plastic bottle and remove the sticker label using soap and warm water. Clean the bottle thoroughly and let it dry.

Cut out the top part of the bottle. Take a knife or a pair of scissors to cut a hole on the upper part of the bottle. Cut off the top such that you have ¾ of your bottle left. Be careful while using the knife or scissors, and try to make the cutting even so that you do not get hurt with the edges while working on the bottle. You can either throw the top of the bottle, recycle it, or even might keep it for later use.

Making holes at the bottom of the bottle. Light a candle and hold a nail over the flame with the pair of pliers to heat it. Note that the nail will be so hot that it cannot be touched without a pair of pliers, so be careful while heating it.

Now you need to turn your bottle upside down, and use the hot nail to make holes at the bottom of the plastic containers.  These holes will serve as drainage for the plants when they will be watered. Make about three to five holes in small bottles, and about 10 to 20 holes for large and bigger bottles.

Place newspapers at the bottom of the bottle. Make your bottle stand upright again. Place a layer of newspaper scraps at the bottom of the bottle to keep the soil from escaping when you water the plants. You will have to keep changing the layer of the newspaper scraps every other day.

Put the potting mixture in the bottle. After placing the layer of newspapers, add the potting mixture in the bottle. Add pebbles or rocks in the planter so that water will not get trapped and so it will drain properly.

Plant the seeds. Finally, add the seeds you want to sow in your planter and make sure that the plant will easily fit in the plastic bottle as it grows vigorously You should sow a small plant’s seed and if you choose to sow seeds of a bigger plant then be sure to transplant them later to a bigger planter or to the ground.

You can make a planter with the help of these easy steps. This method will help save your money and you will enjoy making this planter from recycled materials. You can make some really nice-looking planters out of plastic bottles if you spray paint them with the colors and designs of your choice.


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