How To Make a Play Microphone for Kids

Kids are full of energy, and they need various outlets to vent the energy or else they tend to get extremely edgy. The good thing is that kids’ attention can be diverted easily. They like doing so many things that it makes it easier for you to distract them in a constructive way. One of these constructive ways is music.

Who doesn’t love music? And kids are no exception. They not only like listening to it, but they also love singing to it. Therefore, to make things even more interesting you can make a play microphone for them. You can include the kids in this project as it will kill two birds with one stone. It will give them a new activity (crafts) and an interesting way of doing one of the things they love to do: sing!

Making a play microphone is extremely easy, and the good part is your child can do most of it.  They will probably make a lot of mess, though, so do this in a place you will not be too worried about getting dirty and sticky with glue.

Gather decorative items. Kids love shiny things. Make sure you get as much sequins, buttons, yarn, beads, glitter, paint and every other colorful thing you can think of to stick on the microphone. But before starting, emphasize to your child that he will have to help in cleaning up the mess. This way, the child will learn also learn some responsibility.

Gather materials. Now get all the materials you will need for making a play microphone together in one place so that you don’t have to hunt for them in the middle of the project. You will need a toilet paper tube, paper, streamers, aluminum foil, tape, glue and the decorative items.

Decorate the toilet paper tube. Now, take the toilet paper tube and get creative. Always ask your child what to do next or which material he or she wants to use. This way your child uses his or her imagination and is more engrossed in doing the project. Decorate the toilet paper tube with aluminum foil use glue to stick it so that it’s permanent and doesn’t budge from its place. Decorate it further with glitter, buttons, sequins and whatever else your child wants.

Make the microphone’s head. Now for the microphone’s head, take a piece of paper and scrunch it into a ball. Apply glue at the end of it and stick it to either of the ends of the tube. Let it dry. When it’s firmly in place, paint the ball black. Let it dry again. After the paint is dry ask your child to decorate it themselves this time. By now the child will have a clear picture of what he or she wants and will do it themselves.

Following these simple steps you accomplished three things. You’ve found a creative way for your child to vent their energy. You’ve helped ignite your child’s interest in arts and craft. But above all, you are able to spend quality time with your child. 


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