How To Make a Plinko Carnival Game

A Plinko game is a classic game that anybody, regardless of age, can enjoy. It doesn’t require much skill, and so the focus on playing it can be purely on enjoyment. It’s best played during parties, and it can even be used by teachers as an entertaining educational tool. Here are the steps for making a Plinko carnival game:

  • Prepare the materials. For this project, you will need the following: one 2x4 foot pegboard (or a board peppered with small holes, available at craft stores and hardware stores), 1 ¼ inch pegs, rubber bands, and game chips.
  • Insert the pegs. Orient the board vertically; that is, it should be four feet high and two feet wide. Count a few rows below the topmost row of holes on the pegboard, and then start inserting the pegs in one vertical row. You should insert 10 pegs in this first row. Make sure that you place these ten pegs in the centermost area of the pegboard. Also, you should allot one hole in between each peg.
    Skip a row of holes, then insert the pegs to form the second row of pegs. Place the first peg for the second row under the first space of the first row (that is, right between pegs one and two of the first row). You should continue placing the pegs under the spaces of the first row.
    You should place 10 pegs for the odd-numbered rows (that is, rows 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 11 and 13), and 9 pegs for the even-numbered rows (that is, rows 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. Again, make sure that you leave a row of holes blank before you move on to placing the pegs for the next row. Every time you insert pegs on an even-numbered row, you should place it below the space in between two pegs above. In other words, the odd-numbered rows should be aligned with one another, while the even-numbered rows should be aligned with one another. You should end up with 13 rows of pegs. 
  • Create the ‘troughs.’ These troughs are where the chips will go down to after they have traveled through the horizontal pegs above. After the 13th row of pegs, count 4 rows of holes, then insert a peg to mark the start of the first trough. Insert six more pegs directly underneath the first peg, and then place two pegs at the bottom; they’re there to contain the chip when it falls inside that trough. In effect, these troughs are vertical columns underneath the rows of pegs; you could make about six of them. Just make sure that these columns are directly underneath the area where the rows of pegs are. 
  • Wrap the topmost pegs with rubber bands. Go back to the top three rows of your Plinko board game, and place a rubber band to encompass all three of the leftmost pegs of these rows. You should continue doing this for rows three, four, and five;  five, six and seven, and so on. Do the same for the rightmost pegs. The point to this step is to create a bumper to prevent the chips from bouncing out of the board once they are dropped to the rows.

There you have it! These are the simplest steps to take if you want to make a Plinko carnival game. You could also decorate the board with paint if you are so inclined.


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