How To Make a Pop-Up Frog Card

Pop-up cards are creative cards that you can use all year round. They're not just for Valentines Day, and definitely not just for heart designs. There are many other designs that you can use for your pop-up card.

The nice thing about pop-up cards is that they often are fun and surprising. If you've ever received one, you know the kind of elation that you would feel when you open what you thought was just a plain greeting card only to find out, upon opening the card, something popping out.

In this article, you will learn how to make your greeting card croak by making a pop-up frog. The steps are easy to follow and the materials are flexible and easy to find. Read on for the rest of the steps.

  • For starters, you should know that there are many different ways to make a pop-up frog card. Regardless of the procedure you follow, you should use sturdy paper. Thin construction paper is preferred, or even thin colored cardboard.
  • Use two similar-sized sheets of colored paper. They should be of different colors. The colors, preferably, should be contrasts or, if not, at least harmonious. But, who really cares much about color choice? For as long as your color choices achieve your purpose, that's all that matters. One color will be for the exterior of your card, the other will be for the interior.
  • Place one sheet on top of the other. Fold them both crosswise so that you will have a folded card.
  • Take the outside sheet and set aside the other folded sheet. Locate the center of the folded side of the outside sheet. From that center point, cut a short perpendicular slit.
  • From the slit you just made, fold back the top part into a triangle. Do this gently. Do the same for the lower part. You will have a cut-out triangle shape on the folded side of your card, and two smaller triangles folded from the slit portion.
  • Unfold the folded triangles. Open your card. You will notice that the creases made from the folds can serve as your guides to pop out the frog's mouth. Carefully bend, along the crease, the top part of the frog's mouth towards the inside of the card so that it pops out. Do the same for the lower mouth. To check whether you did this correctly, close your card. You should see the cut out triangle on the folded side of the card's exterior and you will see the frog's mouth pop out when you open the card.
  • You're almost done with the pop-out part. Now finish your card. Close your card. From the folded edge, draw an outline of a half frog around the mouth of the frog (i.e., the cut out triangle). Cut out the frog shape.
  • Place the frog shape on top of the other sheet. Align them along the folds. Glue the frog sheet on to the backing sheet, but do not apply glue on the frog's mouth part, otherwise the mouth won't pop out.

You now have a basic pop-up frog card that you can decorate and design further to your heart's content.


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