How To Make a Portable Puppet Theatre

Building a portable puppet theatre is a long process. You must have good, imaginative plans, and the design that you think of must be attractive to the eyes of the viewers, who will most likely be young kids. A puppet theatre that’s portable and easy to set up is the best kind, because even kids can set it up.

Here are some suggested steps in making a portable puppet theatre.

Frame the house. For the walls of your portable theatre, you can use plywood panels. You may need the assistance of another person who’s good with carpentry tools as you would need to cut a few pieces out here and there to make for your roof peaks, windows, and other structures. Make sure you also see to it that you have interlocking slots to connect all the panels to have a solid foundation for the frame of your house. If you don’t want to use plywood, you can also use Styrofoam, just paint over it so that it looks like it’s made of wood. Also, make sure you get the thickest kind.

Cut the windows next. For the windows, you would just need to draw your windows on the plywood first, and then cut them out using a jigsaw or a tablesaw. The tablesaw would work best for this task, though. Make sure that you cut for all sides of the plywood and that they are relatively of the same measurements. If you will just be using Styrofoam, you can just cut out the windows or the holes using a box cutter or a saw.

Prepare the rails. You would also need to have rails for the curtains. For this, you just need to have strips of wood that are at least two-inches wide each. Make sure it is long enough for the entire length of your frame.

Finish up. To finish up the project, it’s important to make your portable puppet theatre safe and accident-free. Use a sandpaper to smoothen out the walls and paint over it so that there aren’t any splinters that can break off. For this, it’s best to use a latex paint. Select the colors to match the theme of your show. As for the rails, it’s also best to apply about four coats of polyurethane. Or, you may also just choose to paint over this, too.

Bring out the fabric. Take the necessary measurements of the fabric you will need for your portable theatre. Choose the colors of the fabric to match that of the colors of your stage. Make sure that the edges of your cloth are hemmed so as to avoid fraying.

Design your stage. Now that your frames have all been set up, you can already add the designs you would want on your theatre. You can put designs on the walls and also add furniture to your stage. Make the plot of your show in tune with your stage.

It’s that easy to make your own portable theatre. Make sure that you seek the help of someone else if there are things that you can’t do on your own.


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