How To Make a Powerful Magnet

Magnets are very helpful if you have them in your household. They can serve many functions to make things a lot easier for you. Instead of using post-its in leaving notes for your housemates, you can resort to magnets in pasting your little notes. Aside from this, you can also use magnets in preventing your water heater from corroding, putting together framing squares, cleaning up metal shavings and many more.

Undeniably, magnets can give you countless benefits. However, it is important that your magnet must have a strong hold for it to be of optimal use. You must follow the steps here if you want to attempt to make a magnet on your own.

  1. Get yourself a magnetic material: In making a magnet, you will surely need a magnetic material. This is the first thing that you must provide for yourself. You can get yourself bits of pyrites which are available in hardware stores. A large amount of pyrite can be strongly magnetic once they are clumped together. Alternatively, you can use the most common material of all – the paper clip. You can practically find it almost everywhere so it would not be hard for you to get hold of one.
  2. Get hard magnets and scrutinize them: There is a need for you to obtain magnets but collecting them is not enough. You will also need to look at them closely and see what they look like and how they behave. Take note of the way they attract other metallic materials. Doing this can give you an idea of the magnet's strength. In the long run, this will ensure that the magnet you will come up with is strong and powerful.
  3. Run over the magnetic material in the hard magnet: Using your magnetic material (a clip or something else), you can intensify the magnetism in your magnets by making the paper clips run through the hard magnet. Do this in a very quick fashion for a period of about five minutes. After this, rub the magnet with the paper clip. This warms the magnet and strengthens its magnetism.
  4. Leave some paper clips on the top pole of the magnet: After the rubbing process, leave the paper clip in the magnet. Let it linger there for a few days. Leaving the clip there makes the magnetic property of the magnet more lasting since the paper clip passes on its magnetism to the magnet.
  5.  Expose the magnet to sunlight: With the paper clip still on it, bring out the magnet to daytime sunlight. The heat of the sunlight can provide added strength to the magnetism of your material. This further ensures that your magnet will have a strong and firm hold once you begin to use them.
  6. Test the magnet you have done: After the preceding procedures, it is now up to you to examine the magnet you have made. Use it in more heavy materials and see if it can hold on to them. If you follow the steps right, your magnet can surely belittle and easily attract any material introduced to it.

Magnets are one of man’s inventions that pioneered and facilitated various vital activities and procedures. You yourself can make your own powerful magnet! Follow the steps above and you can consider yourself a notch higher in civilization than your average Joe. 


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