How To Make a Printable Mexican Flag

The national flag of Mexico or La Bandera de Mexico consists of three main colors: green, red and white. Each color represents its own meaning. Green represents Mexico’s independence movement; white embodies the Catholic faith’s purity, and red symbolizes the blood of the national heroes who fought for independence against Spain. An eagle that is perched on a cactus tree eating a snake with the national coat of arms is situated at the center of the flag. A legend says that the gods told the Aztecs to find an eagle that is perched on a cactus tree while devouring a serpent. The place where they would see this eagle is where they would build their city. The Aztecs saw the eagle on a marsh, which is currently the main square in Mexico City.

The flag has been in use since 1821 the time of Mexico’s quest for independence against the Spaniards ended victoriously. There is a law governing the use of the national flag, called the Law on the National Arms, Flag and Anthem. So it is important to know the design of the Mexican flag to avoid being sanctioned by the law. Here’s how you can make a printable Mexican flag.

  • Search online for a picture of the Mexican flag. It is advisable to browse through official Mexican websites to make sure that the design is the correct one.
  • You can copy the flag and paste it on Microsoft Office Word, using a short bond paper. Adjust the picture to fit into the paper. Make sure that the paper’s page layout is set to landscape.
  • Use colored ink so you will not have to color the flag after it is printed. Since the flag has many colors, it is best to check the printer for sufficient ink. Not enough ink may make the colors dull.
  • You can also opt to make the flag by yourself. You can use the Paint application on your desktop. Set the paper to letter size, or 8.5 inches by 11 inches. This is the perfect size for making a flag. Divide into three sections, coloring them green, white and red.
  • If you know how to draw, you can draw the centerpiece of the flag. Draw an eagle perched on a cactus tree, eating a serpent, with a little splash of water underneath the cactus, and Mexico’s coat of arms under it.
  • You can also cut the image from the website and paste it to your work if you don’t want to draw.
  • You are now ready to print your Mexican flag. Print the image on both sides so that you can wave it either way. Paste the left edge of the flag onto a stick so you have something to hold on to.

Making any country’s national flag requires thorough research. The design must be the correct one to avoid ire by the country’s people. The national flag is a matter of national pride, so you must be careful in making one. Making the correct one also shows respect to the country’s history and its people.


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